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  1. mmadmikes1

    Blackberry the easy way

    Here my Blackberry . Day before Start a yeast starter with 71B1122 yeast, using apple juice without any additives (ascorbic acid is ok). 30 pounds of frozen and thawed blackberries,. Put in Paint strainer bag from Lowes. Add water to berries until you have 6 1/2 gallons in fermenter...
  2. mmadmikes1


    If you have never fermented potatoes before.......dont. It is the foulest smelling thing I ever added yeast too. Smells like 1 am drunk barf:sh
  3. mmadmikes1

    Food for thought I read this and was wondering what you all thought.I am not thinking the higher methanol wouldn't be dangerous but was wondering about bad taste. I have never made a fruit wine without PE and am not sure how I would and avoid Pectic haze. Will...
  4. mmadmikes1

    Just going to say this

    The reason all the kits have sorbate and K meta in them is because people bottle and drink the stuff right away. They are not needed. If you dont back sweeten sorbate serves no purpose but to add a little bit of bubble gum flavor to wine. If you dont want to use K Meta you can work around it. It...
  5. mmadmikes1

    Good Bye

    Been thinking about this for awhile now and have decided to stop coming here. Since the site merger this site put a ton of tracking cookies on my computer and I don't like deleting continuously.I make it a habit to avoid site that practice this method of operations. Happy wine making all
  6. mmadmikes1

    Yakima Grapes

    Well nice grapes are home. Got in a group buy this year so no need to drive. Brix 25 but TA is low. Long hot summers will do that. O BOY I can't wait
  7. mmadmikes1

    Yes, the raspberry has restarted

    I have been more than a little forward in saying I backsweetin without sorbate. I have last year raspberry working away right now. It restarted after a year of aging. Yes the SG has gone down. But being as it is in a carboy under airlock it is not a real problem. If I had bottled this wine I...
  8. mmadmikes1

    Home from Austin

    Went to Texas for first time this weekend. What a great place. Now a BBQ restaurant and winery combo was a shock to see but food was great and wine wasnt half bad either. The Italian restaurant /winery down the road, had some great wine but no BBQ. I am thinking I really like Austin and may...
  9. mmadmikes1

    BC winemakers

    The Wine on the vine FOP is closing in Squamish and she is selling her equipment. She also has some real nice kits in stock. The store is behind Tim Horton on 99. She is a sweet women so be nice to her. Take her a nice bottle of wine with you and I am sure the prices will be better(she doesn't...
  10. mmadmikes1

    I don't make stuff up

    When I say or give advise on this site it is because I have experience I am speaking from. I have learned alot from other people here and continue to pay attention. If Luc or Julie tell you something about making fruit wine, believe them. Even if it is not what you want to hear. If Cfan gives...
  11. mmadmikes1

    Blackberry and grapeskins

    Scored 6 Cellar Classic grape packs(free) today at a FOP in BC(3 CS and 3 Syrah). got home and looked at the Corney keg with 4 gallons of Blackberry wine aging and thought. Mike, why don't you add half of one of those skin pack to the blackberry for about a month of aging. Now I would love to...
  12. mmadmikes1

    Sometimes wine just does not turn out

    Sometimes wine just does not turn out. try to figure out what you did wrong, research the thread and ask. Not every mistake is fixable and every wine maker who has been at it for a while has dumped batches out.. Some simple rules I use 1 Always start clean 2 makes sure you have all you need...
  13. mmadmikes1

    Wine making heaven

    I live in wine making heaven, and till today I never realized how lucky I am. In Washington the following are always free Blackberries, Apples, Plums, Elderberries and Huckleberries I get free Cherries and Strawberries because I know the farmers. I get Blueberries and raspberries and a LOW...
  14. mmadmikes1

    It was time

    Been working on cleaning out freezer and decided it was time to take out the 30 pounds of raspberries before they became freezer burnt. Took two mess bags to hold them all. 1 1/2 gallons honey, 30 pounds raspberries, yeast, yeast nutrients, PE, a little bentonite, mix it all together and away we...
  15. mmadmikes1

    Barrel Aging ?

    I read a few things about barrel aging and was curious about evaporation. If water can evaporate during aging doesn't alcohol as well. Alcohol evaporates easier than water so it seems that it would occur as well.
  16. mmadmikes1

    35 inches

    We had 35 inches fall in last 24 hours WAHOO, I love snow. All you folks down in Frazier Valley stay warm. That N Easterly is COLD.
  17. mmadmikes1

    New twist

    It came to me in a dream(ya right) I have been bulk aging in corny keg lately. Today, with temps at about 25, I move some blackberry out side to cold crash it. I brought it back in and transferred it to a corny keg. Cornys draw off the bottom so after it sets long enough I hook up the hoses and...
  18. mmadmikes1

    Ya Me, asking for suggestions

    Today I opened the first bottle of a 3 year old Cab Sauv. It has great flavor but no body. I was bummed to say the least. Would it be ok to blend it at this point with this years Cab or would this be a bad Idea. Hate Idea of having 2 cases of wine I worked that hard on keeping my hands off not...
  19. mmadmikes1

    Cry, cry, cry me a river of Cab Sauv

    Today I dumped a batch of cab Sav . It was made from Napa grapes I went and got last fall. It was a stupid mistake like not watch the aging room close. The cat had knocked off the airlock. I dont know for how long but the taste of oxidation was over powering. The river of wine runs down the road...
  20. mmadmikes1

    To Bottle or not to bottle, that is the question

    The question should be: To buy more carboys or not to buy more? OR where the hell am I going to store more full carboys? OR Is 1 year bulk aging enough? Damn you Wine Gods> :)