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  1. Torch404

    Ancient Greek Wine Glasses

    Ran across this article. It's an history of various styles of wine glasses in ancient Greece.
  2. Torch404

    Experiments in Carrot greens

    Some time ago on a lark I decided to make some carrot green wine. This is the wine log, which I shared some time ago: First off the wine cleared to this beautiful golden color that the pictures fail to capture. I...
  3. Torch404

    What is this? w/Picture

    Maybe we could start an ongoing thread with photos of wine problems as a reference for people to look through. Let me start ;) My sister gave me some wine she made off an old recipe of my grandpa's. It's apple wine from 2007. I remember my sister said she stayed true to the recipe and...
  4. Torch404

    Them some smelly flowers

    Or How not make rose wine I was driving into town the other day and noticed a bunch of small wild roses were in full bloom. I swung back later with a paper bag in hand ready to pick. I don't know why I thought flip-flops and shorts were a good idea as the roses were intermixed with black...
  5. Torch404

    Shitaki Mushroom wine

    3 Cups coarsely chopped Dried Shitaki Mushrooms 1/2 cup freshly toasted sesame seeds Poured boiling water over mushrooms and sesame seeds then let sit out covered over night. Juiced one organic lemon and zested 2 tsp of yeast nutrient 1 cup of tea made with two jasmine tea bags 2 x 64 oz...
  6. Torch404

    Combining recipes

    When combining recipes what considerations do you make for amounts of secondary ingredients you add tannins/acid/nutrients you add? I was making a Hibiscus and mint wine and could not find a recipe for one directly. I combined a mint and a hibiscus recipe which were a little at odds with each...
  7. Torch404

    How many bottles can you safely stack?

    I realize every bottle and situation is different but as a general rule how many bottles can you stack on top of one another till you risk one breaking. I've recently moved and things are still all over. The other day I moved a book shelf over so I could stack some bottles between the wall...
  8. Torch404

    My degassing gizmo

    I have one of those hand vacuum pumps I picked up for a couple bucks. It's the Houdini brand which is square so it does not fit into a bung as, I understand the vucu vin does. I found that the bottle cork part fit snuggly over the inner tube of one of my air locks. It was too big for a few but...
  9. Torch404

    Shitaki sesame?

    I'm going to make a Shitaki mushroom wine and I'm thinking that pairing it with another flavor might help. The flavor that comes to mind is sesame but I can not find any recipe that is close and sesame is heavy in oil so I don't believe that would work too well. I can only find references...
  10. Torch404

    1st Sulfate timing

    I can not seem to find a direct answer to this via search, so I'll ask. When do you add your first round of sulfate; if you are not adding it to the original must? I just racked into a carboy my blueberry which got to .992 in five days, thank you brew belt. As these were store bought...
  11. Torch404

    Rose Petal and Nasturtium flower wine

    By request, About 2 qt of rose petals (mostly white with some pink/purple) About 2 qt of Nasturtium petals 2- 2.5 lbs of sugar Boiled water dumped over it let sit over night 1 cup of Lychee Black tea 1/3rd cup golden rains chopped up Champagne yeast 1 crushed vitamin C 1000mg tablet...
  12. Torch404

    China is the 4th largest producer of wine

    This and other things I didn't know: It's a bbc picture thingy but the captions are fairly interesting. We might be getting kits from there pretty soon!
  13. Torch404

    Banana's in my Lee's

    How long would you leave banana pulp sitting at the bottom of a secondary? I made some orange juice wine and tossed in a couple of bananas. Everything went fine and amazingly it has completely cleared after about a month. Now I'm looking at the lees which seem somewhat compacted and these...
  14. Torch404

    Ancestry and grapes

    I was just reading a thread about someone who's granddad brought a vine back from Europe in his shoe. Reading the thread brought back a talk I had with my Grandpa when I was a kid. Our ancestors were Germans that went to Russia...most likely the Volga valley in western Russia. He said they...
  15. Torch404

    bentonite / montmorillonite / azomite ???

    There are no brew shops in my area but two natural food stores in my area stock a limited selection of brew equipment and products however they are mostly focused on beer and not winemaking. Often they get stuff in, then it will sell out and they'll not order more. They sell no fining agent...
  16. Torch404

    Green Wine?

    In the past I've made some batches of what I called Absinthe wine they were ad hoc mixtures of herbs used in traditional Absinthe thrown into the carboy of some fermenting juice wine. When I made them I used dark juices and now I'm wondering if there are green wines for a more traditional...
  17. Torch404

    new to campden and have questions

    In my rather limited wine making experiance I have never used sulfites and have never had a problem. Now that I've been reading more and more about it I realize I probly do need to be doing that, why go through all that time and work if you don't protect it. I have three batches going...
  18. Torch404

    Carrot greens --what to do?

    Hello all, I've been looking out the kitchen window at my neighbour’s garden, which right now is pretty baron. However there is a mess of carrots and beautiful carrot greens. I was thinking of making a wine out of his carrot greens. Of course I can not find any recipes online. The closest...
  19. Torch404

    Nasturtium wine ?anyone??

    Hi all, Quick question I have a gallon batch of Rose petal and Nasturtium flower wine going. I used both flowers due to not having enough of either one to make a batch of just one flower. Looking around the web and the forums I can not find a single Nasturtium wine recipe or any real...
  20. Torch404

    Is Yeast Enigizer really that fast??

    Or was it a leaky bung? I racked some green tea wine I was making early and all fermentation stopped. For two day I never saw a single bubble. Then I got some yeast energizer put in the little bit and as soon as I got the bung back on it was already starting to bubble stady. Is that possible...