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  1. Hillbilly Bill

    Yeast recommendation for Elderberry

    Bob, I used Lalvin K1-V1116 on my last batch of apple wine... worked great. Another good choice would be Red Star Cotes des Blanc. :dg
  2. Hillbilly Bill

    Help in designing my wine

    If there is a positive aspect to leaving seeds in a wine wort, it is news to me... never heard anyone recommend it. pH should be between 3.0-3.5... 3.2 ideal.
  3. Hillbilly Bill

    What R you doing today?

    Wow, Darlene... sounds like your February is starting off like our January. SWMBO and I have never been so glad to see a month end. I hope your bad luck doesn't carry on all month like ours did last month... got a partial settlement check in the mail from the insurance company of the idiot who...
  4. Hillbilly Bill

    Hey, Hi, and Hello to all :)

    Howdy Sam... Jump right in and get your feet wet... the water (wine) is great! :dg
  5. Hillbilly Bill

    Corking 101

    Bump... Also, I soak mine in k-meta for a few minutes while I am bottling. :r
  6. Hillbilly Bill

    I'm back! Did you miss me?

  7. Hillbilly Bill


    That is really neat... I wonder... does anyone make a brand so that a person could brand his own corks? Anyone have any ideas how this could be done? Maybe that would be a good question for another thread. The branded corks are really nice. :try
  8. Hillbilly Bill


    Thanks for reminding me... I was so proud of my first wine with my original labels that we (myself and SWMBO) gave all of our friends a bottle. About a week later I realized I had bottled much too soon and there was sediment all in the bottles. My reputation is ruined forever. My second batch...
  9. Hillbilly Bill

    I'm back! Did you miss me?

    Yes, Allie, we definitely missed you... welcome back. :hug
  10. Hillbilly Bill

    Sanitizing agent

    I don't know about that, Mud... I know quite a few folks out here in the hills who begin to have problems with slurred speech, eyes trying to close on them, and an inability to walk a straight line by midafternoon, and most of them couldn't brew a glass of ice water. :d
  11. Hillbilly Bill


    I have the same problem with the pictue on my TV set after a bottle of champagne... picture starts clouding up. :)
  12. Hillbilly Bill

    Apple Juice wine/cinnamon

    I use cinnamon sticks in mine, also. It adds just a bit of complexity to an otherwise one dimensional wine. :dg
  13. Hillbilly Bill

    A question for sweet wine lovers

    You can use a sanitized butter knife or fork, or even a spoon (not a spoonful) to get just a taste out of the batch. With only a couple of liter to sweeten, it definitely won't take much. I like sweet wine, too. You can also sweeten your wine after you pour it into the glass. This is good if...
  14. Hillbilly Bill

    Hello From Kentucky

    Howdy from the hills east of you to the "Truck Stop Town" of Corbin, Ky... home of cheap cigarettes and bare-footed women.
  15. Hillbilly Bill

    Where to buy online?

    My absolute #1 choices: For wine... For beer...
  16. Hillbilly Bill

    This is me!

    You're absolutely correct about the DuPont pollution... in Delaware and in West Virginia... had an explosion at the Belle, WV DuPont plant the other day... killed a man who breathed the fumes... hopefully he didn't die in vain. :rdo
  17. Hillbilly Bill

    What reitred folks do for fun

    Good one! :):):)
  18. Hillbilly Bill

    This is me!

    Troy... what's wrong with your eyes?
  19. Hillbilly Bill

    This is me!

    I once had a Dutch friend who pronounced about as "aboot"... go to Odessa, Delaware, just outside of Dover... lots of Dutch there. You'll hear the word "aboot" spoken there, just as you will hear "pahk the cahr" in Boston. :b