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  1. Woodbee

    Elderflower is kind of Blaaa

    Howdy all. I have ten gallons of Elderflower sitting in a couple of carboys clearing. It was started on 6/13/10. I used 2 liters of blossoms, 1 pound of golden raisins and 9.3 lbs of sugar in each of two primaries. The chems. were as follows 5 campten tabs,1 tsp acid blend,5 tsp nutrient...
  2. Woodbee

    Belly dancing for wine

    Howdy all. The wife and I went to a benefit Trail ride/BBQ/dance/auction last night for Critter Care. We took a case of different fruit wines and Maderias with us to share with the folks. They were received rather well. It was cold and rainy. Before the band started playing, a troop of belly...
  3. Woodbee

    Elder Flower/Socata

    Howdy all. I degassed a couple of fives a little while ago and found two very different gas levels. One batch was made with 1118 Champagne yeast and the other used D-47. In racking a couple of times I have mixed up which is which. So in batch#1 I had degassed with my vac-pump back on July...
  4. Woodbee

    a bottle of wine

    I was sent this this morning and I thought I would share. THE BOTTLE OF WINE For all of us who are married, were married, wish you were married, or wish you weren't married, this is something to smile about the next time you see a bottle of wine: Sally was driving home from one of her...
  5. Woodbee

    Strange Pumpkin wine idea

    I was just talking to a truck driver who had recently returned from somewhere in the deep south. He was sampling this old timers's shine. The old timer told him that his favorite drink was his homemade pumpkin wine. He proceeded to tell this guy about how he made it. I am wondering here if any...
  6. Woodbee

    A little bit of overkill but it works

    My wife and I stood waiting for the owner of our local wine makers store for over an hour waiting for him to return from a 2 hour lunch. I would have been POed except there was another guy waiting for him as well. We had a nice visit with him as we tested each others skills. He told me that he...
  7. Woodbee

    Apple/Pair label

    Didn't I see somewhere that someone was making an "Apple/Pear" or perhaps an Apple/Pair? Well here's a pic for a label. Brad
  8. Woodbee

    Pre-Jacked Pear Bottled

    Pre-jacked? huh? I was given 10 gallons of frozen Bartlett pear juice from last year. I didn't know it was coming and I had NO room in the freezer. So overnight I upended each container over a primary. In the morning I had about 5 gallons of pear syrup in my buckets. Left in the original...
  9. Woodbee

    Brewers Burner?

    Howdy All. I have this Barber 27 jet burner that I was wondering if anyone could use. It is from the 80s but has never been used. It is about a foot in diameter and has a 3/4" female pipe thread fitting on the bottom. It is clean and has no rust on it. Is this something Beer Brewers could...
  10. Woodbee

    Now or then?

    I have a couple of carboys of Elderberry that have now cleared nicely. When I racked them for the third time a month ago there was only a fine film of sediment. I am going to stabilize them this weekend and then age them for a few months before bottling them. I intend to do just a little back...
  11. Woodbee

    Standardizing Labels.

    Well as much fun as I have had creating labels in the past, I have decided to stick with just one design and then add separate stickers for flavor vintage and abv. So I finally came up with the artwork that we wanted. Using microsoft paint I added my text. But somewhere between my laptop and the...
  12. Woodbee

    Blood Sweat & Fear Elderflower

    I had read that this was one of Luc's wines. In the mean time, I have made 25 Gallons in 5 different batches from last years berries. So I have been getting giddy waiting for the blossoms. So Sat. was my day to be able to go and pick. At 7:00 AM I am in my truck for a 15 mile ride to where I...
  13. Woodbee

    Blood Sweat & Fear Elderflower

    Sorry for the double post.
  14. Woodbee

    Failure to work FYI

    I am always trying something different(Inquiring minds need to know). I tried to stick some labels on bottles using hair spray. It doesn't work. Brad
  15. Woodbee

    Help in designing my wine

    Well, things have been rather slow around here for the last few days so this may be a great time to add some fodder to graze on. So here I go.I am wanting to make a small batch of wine for the kitchen. I am thinking Celery/Lime. I want this to be a dusty dry wine with a whole lot of bite. I...
  16. Woodbee

    A bottle source I forgot

    Yesterday an old clasmate showed up at the door with 3 old fruit crates of bottles. He operates a Bed & Breakfast a few miles from here. I had forgotten that I had even mentioned to him about saving empties. I was going to be short some bottles come the first of the year. And had just put out...
  17. Woodbee

    What should have been a good day, now stinks.

    I bottled up 2.5 gallons of Pear Anise Maderia fresh out of the Estufa. Put a new batch in. It is from a Mulled Elderberry batch. Then bottled the remainder. I was grinnin. Everything was Cool. Then I went to rack a batch of Peach and one of Blackberry Aughhhhhhhhhhh. Hydrogen Sulfide. The peach...
  18. Woodbee

    Adding color to my life

    Howdy all. Up till this point I have only made white fruit wines Apples and pears. So having reds going is kind of a thrill to me. Following are some pictures of whats cooking out here on the great plains. The first four pics are of Elderberry. The first pair are a Mulled Elderberry. Good and...
  19. Woodbee

    Atricsid PM me

    Articsid. if you would go in to your profile and allow PMs,and then PM me, I have a deal for you. Admins. & mods, If I am doing something improper here please inform me. I didn't know how else to address this. Brad
  20. Woodbee

    Acid level in a mulled Elderberry

    Howdy all. I tested and tasted a batch of Elderberry this AM and have a concern that I thought that I would run by you all. Acid tested out at just shy of 5.5%. According to Toms sticky this is about right for a non-grape red that will be pretty sweet. Now for the taste. I fermented it with 3...