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    WineXpert WE kits with grape skins?

    Do any of the winexpert kits use grape skin 'packs'? I have not strayed above the $80 range and am just curious how far up I have to go to hit that tier. I know the $120 kits at my brew shop have more juice in them, in addition to being 'better regional' grapes used to make the juice...
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    Using blueberry/pomegranite juice?

    So I found this TreeTop brand blueberry/pomegranite juice in the freezer section at the store. No additives beyond ascorbic acid. its blended with apple juice as well. Trying to decide between a wine, or more of a mead with this stuff. I bought like 7 cans of it. If I go with a...
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    Other California Wine kits - williams brewing

    Has anyone made their kits? They're fairly inexpensive so I wondered if they were decent, good, bad? I assume they are 'low bodied' reds that might do well with raisins or bananas added...was thinking about the...
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    WineXpert Merlot kit missing k-meta

    So I'm flying to Denver for a week, and degassed my WE merlot today. I went to add the k-meta and sorbate to water...the k-meta packet was flat, but sealed. Opened and it was clean as a whistle. I'm not sure how much was supposed to be in there. Its a 6 gallon kit. The instructions do say...
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    Can I sulfite tonight, and sorbate tomorrow night?

    Somehow, I never bought any K-sorbate, but have K-meta and my super-clear. Can I just add the sulfite tonight with the super-cleer, and then degas one more time tomorrow whilst I mix in some sorbate? I figure its probably not a problem but wanted to ask. I need to get this in the bottle...
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    Campden tablets vs. powdered k-meta

    Are campden tabs the same amount of sulfite by weight as the powdered form? In other words, if a recipe says I should add 1.5g of k-meta, can I crush up campden tabs and weigh it out to 1.5g and call it good? My kit has enough k-meta for 6 months of aging, but says if I age more than 6...
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    WineXpert Vinters Reserve - Chianti

    This is my first wine making attempt, though I've done plenty of beer and mead, and some apfelwein. I found the kit instructions and packaging to be very newb/user friendly. So far everything has gone perfectly well using a bucket fermenter and star-san for sanitizing. Hit 0.994 on day 7 and...
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    James Arthur Vineyards

    Just north of Lincoln, Nebraska is a small vineyard, James Arthur Vineyards. I plan to take their tour this spring or summer. I have bought two of their 'meads' which are actually more like an apple wine base with some honey fortification. I don't think I would consider them true meads...
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    Getting started

    I'm looking for a good online 'how to' for red wine making. I'm an established beer and mead maker, so I understand all the basics of fermentation, sanitation, etc. But as I understand it, I might need a separate hydrometer, a 'wine only' primary bucket of 7 gallons, and things like 'add...