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  1. fermenter

    Norton first harvest

    We are in Eastern Ks, the same zone you are in, 6a, and our Norton grapes do well. Not much disease trouble and decent harvest. Your picture could be from my vines.
  2. fermenter


    Jewell, welcome to the wacky wine world. I'm in Garnett, Ks. Vineyard of 8 vines, 5 of Norton and 3 of Garnacha.
  3. fermenter

    Got The Itch…

    Hummm... I've never tasted rocket fuel! :a1
  4. fermenter

    WineXpert WE Limited Edition Grenache Carignan

    I got one of the WE Grenache Carignan kits but it will have to wait until I get home next fall after construction season is done to start it. So far the wife isn't willing to start a batch without me there. Hate to think it will be over a year before we can really enjoy something that sounds so...
  5. fermenter

    When Smoke Gets in Your Wine: Growers, vintners, and scientists are scrambling to protect California’s prized Napa Cab from the aftertaste of wildfire

    A recent PBS episode dealt with increasing temps in England making it possible to grow greater varieties of grapes for wines they couldn't have before.
  6. fermenter

    When Smoke Gets in Your Wine: Growers, vintners, and scientists are scrambling to protect California’s prized Napa Cab from the aftertaste of wildfire

    A recent report of satellite images taken over many years shows the dry areas of the earth getting dryer and the wet areas getting wetter. Naturally, areas getting dryer getting hotter and wetter areas getting cooler. Of course long term trends are hard to see from just one year to the next.
  7. fermenter

    Stirring the must / punching down

    Just a thought, could a heated ceramic floor tile be used if fermenting in a cool/cold room for 1 to 5 gal. batches?
  8. fermenter

    Other Estimated "Value" of homemade Vino

    When I drink a glass of purchased wine I used to think was good and realize hey what I made is even better: PRICELESS
  9. fermenter

    I’m new and looking forward to being a part of this forum!

    GVV Welcome. It's a double pleasure to say you made your own wine from the grapes you grew, or any other fruit, that someone else says is very drinkable.
  10. fermenter

    What R you doing today?

    As a snowplow driver for 35 years, the people complaining about the length of time it took to get I-95 cleaned and the vehicles off the road have absolutely no clue on how hard it is to do. By far the biggest problem is the knotheads that don't know how to drive on the snow and ice.
  11. fermenter

    What R you doing today?

    We are waiting on more snow, cold. Near record highs in Kansas City area in Dec.
  12. fermenter

    Buying wine for topping up

    If I have everything topped up and still have a glass or two extra I just drink it. I haven't turned into Mr. Hyde yet.
  13. fermenter

    Clusters just now forming

    Just about what I thought. The new young clusters are gone. This years crop is double what I have picked previously. Of course my "vineyard" is only 5 vines.
  14. fermenter

    Clusters just now forming

    About this time of year my Norton grapes start to form new clusters. Is there any advantage to letting them grow or do I need to prune them off.
  15. fermenter

    Grape Mite - Eriophyes Vitis

    Glad to hear your issues are not major ones. Interesting to note Missouri and Eastern Kansas, where I am located, used to have many vineyards in the early 1900's. Most went away for corn. Now grapes are making a comeback. Another note: my vineyard is very small, 5 vines of Norton grapes and 3...
  16. fermenter

    Grape Mite - Eriophyes Vitis

    Handy Andy I have had black mites on the growing ends of the vines for 2-3 years. Norton grapes, vigorous growers so really no damage over all. Also, there are ants on the vines which I am told eat the mites so I don't spray unless the mites get extremely numerous (or my wife fusses too much).
  17. fermenter

    Used wine bottles

    Interesting: Labelnator, device to REMOVE label from something; baconator something bacon is ADDED to.
  18. fermenter

    playing in the gooseberry patch

    Started today: Wine Expert Sangria Blush 6 gal. kit. Then I added about a gal. of last seasons gooseberries. I added a little sugar to raise the SG to 1.071. pH is about 3.6. Some of my "playing" has been fine, some has not been too good.
  19. fermenter

    Gooseberry Norton combo

    Thanks for the info