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  1. Intheswamp

    50% OFF Coupon for Inkbird ITC-308 WiFi Temperature Controller (Christmas Gift)---$24.99 can get one

    Thanks! I quickly read it and for some reason thought the pm'ing was for countries other than the US/CAN...
  2. Intheswamp

    Post a photo, any photo

  3. Intheswamp

    recycled bottle post-cleaning logistics (for temporary storage)

    I tried this once but for the life of me I couldn't pick up my lawnmower and shake it!!!! :slp:D
  4. Intheswamp

    Lifting the carboy.

    I was under the impression that the carboy handles were *not* to be used with carboys with wine in them...just for washing and moving empty ones. Seems they would put unequal pressure on the sides of the neck.
  5. Intheswamp

    New 60' single-wire muscadine tops?

    Thanks a million for that info, @BigH. I just don't know what I'll use yet, though. I've got plenty of old barbed wire I could use but had rather not use that for obvious reasons. I'm not against using the inline strainer but the ones that I've seen don't see robust enough for 9-gauge wire...
  6. Intheswamp

    Bottle Sanitation With Star-San

    Guy's, football is just a game. Sadly it has gotten to be a very $$$ one. Up until probably fifteen years ago I didn't give a hoot about football of any kind. I'd watch a few important games (Iron Bowl, championships, etc) through the years, but did not follow it all season long. Then at the...
  7. Intheswamp

    Bottle Sanitation With Star-San

    HEY!!! Nobody said nuthin' 'til the game was over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chickens....<grin>
  8. Intheswamp

    Beer to drink while waiting on wine to age?

    Ok, there's a thread going on in the beginner's winemaking subforum... "Drinkable wines while waiting for others to finish aging". But, I like beer, too, but have never brewed any. I'm thinking of brewing beer to help "span the ages". I'm a wimp and normally drink Coors Lite.:h And, I...
  9. Intheswamp

    Midwest Supplies = Northern Brewer?

    Yeah, redundancy seems like wouldn't be a good business model...especially if the businesses are competing with one another. Ah well, in a few years we'll have one source to go to...Amazon. Then in a few more years, who knows?...maybe Alibaba. Things sure have changed from when I was a kid!
  10. Intheswamp

    Bottle Sanitation With Star-San

    It's kind of like the Alabama-LSU game today. If you're a gambling man and like to fly by the seat of your pants and disregard the odds then bet on LSU for the win (don't re-sanitize). If, on the other hand, you like to bet on a sure thing and have the odds in your favor then bet on Alabama...
  11. Intheswamp

    Midwest Supplies = Northern Brewer?

    Ok, I should've done a search...this is old news. :e Seems like they could at least get their email addresses correct. :D
  12. Intheswamp

    Midwest Supplies = Northern Brewer?

    I tried to log into my Midwest Supplies account this morning but it wouldn't let me. It gave me a message that the website had sent me an email to reset my password, but...I've yet to receive that email. A little while later I decided to hit the "CHAT" feature...the window popped up and I...
  13. Intheswamp

    Winemaking containers

    Yeah, I'reckon I'd say it that way, too. Thanks for the <grin>. Our minds are incredible's a shame we don't really understand them. ;)
  14. Intheswamp

    Bird netting recommendation

    The usual... Gun, some McCormick seasoned tenderizer, some salt, a little pepper, flour, peanut oil, mashed potatoes, a salad. Well, you get the idea. As for fencing, a TALL mesh fence or a good double electric fence. They're hard to deal with. I'm going to be planting the vines soon. I've...
  15. Intheswamp

    Other Expiration date/code? Vinters Harvest

    Ok, I dropped by the store and the cans had a "Best by" date of August 2019 It may have been fine but figured it being three months past that date I'd pass
  16. Intheswamp

    Sorbate and possible fermentation restart?

    If you're worried about this bottle shouldn't you be worried about the rest of the batch? This bottle and the rest of the bottles were all backsweetened. It's just that this one was backsweetened differently. I would think that it's fine. But will be interesting to hear from a pro. :)
  17. Intheswamp

    Other Expiration date/code? Vinters Harvest

    There is a homebrew store that has some Vinter's Harvest wine base for sale on a "clearance" shelf...basically half price. Seems like a good deal but this is a new store that opened up where a previous homebrew store was located. I don't know whether this is NOS or freshly ordered. The new...
  18. Intheswamp

    Sparkling without disgorging?

    Maybe, to dodge the bulk of the cloudiness formed by the bubbles you could quickly decant it, leaving behind the sediment in the bottom that wasn't lifted up by the bubbles during the opening and decanting. It wouldn't cure the problem 100% but maybe help a bit....???
  19. Intheswamp

    Sparkling without disgorging?

    I've wondered the same thing about disgorging/not-disgorging...I might could find the room in the freezer, but...I'm sure I'd end up making a big mess. I'm not very neat. :e My thoughts... No fast movements. Moving bottle from storage to table should be "smooth". Tilt the bottle slowly while...