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  1. jeepingchick

    Baltimore LHBS?

    Gonna be in Balt tomorrow. Anyone know of a LHBS that sells desert wine bottles between the bay bridge and north Balt??? I know I can google but I like WOM. If ya know one let me know. I need to bottle my port :)
  2. jeepingchick


    I shall go to my corner now...
  3. jeepingchick

    I Broke It

    The poor corkscrew never stood a chance...Yall shudda seen Cody working it out! Bless his heart for trying so hard....
  4. jeepingchick


    I just wanted to let yall know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GRADUATED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I graduated on Deans List with my Associates in Business Administration! I went on THE NEXT FREAKING DAY to start my Bachelors in Health Care Management. (wish me luck) Ive got an A in the first...
  5. jeepingchick

    Guilty Confession

    Long ago before the pups were born I started a batch of Skeeter Pee.... it made it into the secondary with some crushed strawberries... then the pups came before I could bottle, work started, school started for the kid and continued for happened... long story short..:re... it has...
  6. jeepingchick

    ... From me...

    Christmas Wishes from this Air Force Wife!! I know its a week early but i heard this song and it touched me more than I can explain.Even though hubs is home, I was in tears driving to work this morning. .... hard to imagine this song is by Rodney...
  7. jeepingchick

    Miss Me??

    Ok, I have been AWOL latley so I figure I'll explain!! Work, Kid, Holidays, School, Dogs, LIFE!!!!! nuff said LOL but I have missed yall terribly!! things are slowing down a BIT so I hope to be on more :)
  8. jeepingchick

    Puppies are gooooooooooo!

    so far we are at 3!! one black one choc and one yellow!! we have just begun so ill keep u updated!!!
  9. jeepingchick

    So Sad :(

    So with the inpending birth of crazy Lab Puppies, me starting Full time work, Ky going back to school and starting scouts and fall ball Guess What :( I dont think Im gonna have time to WINE :( !!!! OMG!!!! so im rushing around this week, gonna rack the Muscato one last time and...
  10. jeepingchick

    Why you shouldn't tick your wife off before she shops

    soooooooooooooo hubs was sposed to go out with me today then at least min decided to stay home ....BAH!!!! was so ticked.... he was sposed to travel w me the 3 hrs round trip to my jewelers and keep me company whilst i picked up the earrings i was having made.....WHATEVER!!! so i get there...
  11. jeepingchick

    Wine/Chocolate Parings

    Found this linked from the Lindt FB site - thought is was interesting so i figured i would share. * Most of the time, Champagne and chocolate don’t pair well. Against the sweetness of the chocolate, Champagne appears...
  12. jeepingchick

    pretty cool....well i thought so anyways

    was out at a friends building her deck , and this crazy butterfly kept landing on us. well i got a pic when it landed on my daughters thumb..
  13. jeepingchick

    Thoughts for the day

    -Peaches are easily squished, -Squished peaches tend to SHOOT juice all over the room... and you! -Peach juice is incredibly good for your underarm skin -Dont wear tank tops while squishing peaches -Peach pits CAN cut -Peach juice WILL sting fresh cuts :sh decided it was faster to...
  14. jeepingchick


    yup....i did it.... at least it wasnt the hydrometer itself (again)... but dang it little glass thingy you put the wine in to float the hydrometer in ....whatsitcalledagain??? well i broke it!!! the hydrometer slipped and smacked the bottom a wee bit to hard!!! and dang it i...
  15. jeepingchick

    Couldn't Help Myself

    ok... we go into the city to one of DNWs friends house to pick up a lawn mower (DNW flips mowers...) we walk up to the door, there is a teen boy on the porch that gives us a "oh man, OLD people" look....(the BRAT) turns his back on us and continues to talk on phone ...avedently this is...
  16. jeepingchick

    Muscato & Niagra

    i LOVE muscato and would love to make some !! i did a google search tryin to find the juice and im coming up with nill... any suggestions??? dont care if its white or red! love em both. tend to prefer the red just cuz its something i cant find here.....i miss my wine store in england *sigh*...
  17. jeepingchick

    **thank you Lurker!!!*

    on the way back home from 6 flags, i stopped in Bellmarw to meet up with Lurkers friend and grab some 15 gallon barells. His name is Tom and he was just AWSOME! i was expecting old dented dirt and dust coated barells for the price i paid. not nearly true!!! they were pristine!! no dents ...
  18. jeepingchick

    Pretty Bubbles!!!!!!

    anyone get really worried after two days in the primary and no bubbles !!!! all i could think was Holy Crap ive just ruined 50 bucks LOL! a long drive to the wine store later and im on my way back home with new yeast. pitched it and after just one hour ........ I HAVE BUBBLES...
  19. jeepingchick

    ummmm ....ya....HELP!

    i wanna bottle the cranberry tomorrow, but ive kept no notes , and no know time frames (i know i know ..corner AGAIN) SO i dipped some out for a taste this afty, its got a great flavor, but is a bit alcohol tasting, what can i do?? i was THINKING of grabbin a few cans of cran juice...
  20. jeepingchick

    My first label

    ok, so i finally made a label. i usually stick a sticky note with wine info above the row above bottles.... the pic is "borrowed" for Lady Cottington's pressed Fairies. Excellent coffee table book! at least i think so... i dont like the cranberry charm name, so if yall have any suggestions i...