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  1. mmadmikes1

    First Racking

    God I love my 6 1/2 gallon carboy
  2. mmadmikes1

    Mead for beginners.

    I use d 47 in a lot of mead and have not had a problem .....YET. But my PH, nutrients, temp, and O2 (early are always right
  3. mmadmikes1

    How do I get rid of the overdose?

    your kinda out of luck. sorbate does not dissipate out. could make 3 more batches and blend them. Up side to that is look at all the pee you would have to drink
  4. mmadmikes1

    Enforcement of 200 gallon rule?

    I have not gone over that amount in years. Only because I have been busy with other project. Think I will be a lot over this year cause its only February and the fermenters have been full sine New Years
  5. mmadmikes1

    When is wine finished fermenting????

    Yes I rack off the lees, but if it is only a little no. I do use Sparkaloid and Bentonite to help clearing. That way I dont have to rack as much. Every racking you lose winer to the wine gods and they are thirsty bastards
  6. mmadmikes1

    Primary fermentation

    I prefer Labrador hair
  7. mmadmikes1

    Apple Pie Moonshine 2...are a better one.

    Exacly how I do it
  8. mmadmikes1

    Coconut wine?

    First squeeze organic coconut milk is sold at most coops. There is a new one in Tacoma that has it. It aint cheap. I pay 3.50 for 12 oz can. I am thinking flacked meat would work better and cost less. Most is sweetened. Now I think I will go have a piece of coconut cream pie
  9. mmadmikes1

    WineXpert Bulk Aging

    I just age in Corny kegs now. Fill. pressurize with CO2 . Bleed out O2. Never leaks. Don't need to fill air locks. N0 O2 exposure during aging. No light.stack nice in closet. If they fall over, no big deal. If I drop it, no big deal. This is perfect for my needs
  10. mmadmikes1

    Can I ferment a 6g WE kit in a 6g carboy?

    All my fermentor have scratches. Never a problem
  11. mmadmikes1

    acid meter

    Here's mine. Went thought a lot of cheap one before giving up and buying this one. It 5 years old now. It also does PPM /dissolved solids
  12. mmadmikes1

    Blackberry cabernet

    I used Cab skin pack in Blackberry wine I was making and it turned out real good. I added blackberries to a cab batch and it turned out good too.
  13. mmadmikes1

    First Mead

    Mead heads LOLOL. We should have shirts
  14. mmadmikes1

    RJ Spagnols I finally bought an RJS kit!!

    No discount last week, GO Seahawks
  15. mmadmikes1

    Can I ferment a 6g WE kit in a 6g carboy?

    O and that is not enough head room
  16. mmadmikes1

    Can I ferment a 6g WE kit in a 6g carboy?

    I'd clean the bucket good , pour boiling water in it and use it scratches and all. Infection is rare in wines, Really rare with kits
  17. mmadmikes1

    avoiding sediment

    I try not to leave much wine behind, so unless it is my last Racking before bottling some sediment comes along with the last of the wine. No big like Gary said"get it next time"
  18. mmadmikes1

    WineXpert Bulk Aging

    Some softened water is softened with salt. Yes rock salt and you dont want salt in your wine. Tried aging with solid bungs years ago and they shot out every time the barometric pressure changed. Leason learned the hard way again
  19. mmadmikes1


    Ya, wine kit sounds like best bet. Really hate having to agree with Deezil.
  20. mmadmikes1

    Blackberry cabernet

    It is a great combo. done it several times