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  1. koda_ky

    Current Active Users

    Maybe some who haven't been here in a while dropped in and lurked around. like me lol.
  2. koda_ky

    HELP!! can I restart fermentation on my wine intentionally

    If there are still active yeast in there it will take back off if I was doing it I would add just a little of the same yeast I started with. hope this helps.
  3. koda_ky

    My Christmas label

    This is for all you wildcat fans go big blue..
  4. koda_ky

    HELP!! can I restart fermentation on my wine intentionally

    I would think 8 lbs of grapes for 3 gallon would be way weak. I would have used about 30 lbs for a 3 gallon batch. you could add some frozen concentrate and a little sugar and maybe bring it around. hope it turns out for you.
  5. koda_ky


    Cranberry Recipe 2 cans (11.5) frozen cranberry concentrate. 1 can (11.5) concord grape concentrate. 4 cups of sugar. 2 tsp acid blend. 1 tsp pectin enzyme. 1 tsp yeast nutrient. 1 Camden crushed. water to...
  6. koda_ky


    My favorite cheap wine for just social drinking is the old orchard cranberry I use 2 cans of cranberry and 1 can of concord grape, it makes a really smooth light red wine.
  7. koda_ky

    Rubber bung taste!!!

    I had the same thing happen and I switched to the silicone type and it went away, as for what you have done all I can say is it will get better with age if it is coming from the rubber bung. hope this helps:fsh
  8. koda_ky

    Vacuum Transfer Wine Pump Giveaway

    I just liked you on Facebook:hug
  9. koda_ky

    Can I get more body & flavor?

    I have a Vintner's Harvest peach going and I just made it a 3 gallon and added 3 15oz cans of peaches from walmart, the last taste was very good had a good peach flavor.
  10. koda_ky

    Label Assistance for wedding

    I use an old Victorian wedding licenses that I found on the internet and use publisher to fix it up works great.
  11. koda_ky

    New from Southern KY

    Welcome from North Eastern Ky!!!
  12. koda_ky

    Hello from West Virginia

    Welcome aboard !!!:fsh
  13. koda_ky

    Pineapple not clearing

    I have made only one batch of pineapple and took months and months to clear. I racked it about every 30 days to help in the clearing. but finally I got it to clear. other than filtering that is about the best advice I can give you. hopefully one of the senior members can help some more..
  14. koda_ky

    Music with Wine...

    I like Floyd dark side of the moon when I have a nice red wine, but I think skynard goes good with a white.. LOL
  15. koda_ky

    Hello from Kentucky

    Welcome I am in eastern Ky just outside of Ashland.
  16. koda_ky

    Another newbie

    Welcome Aboard!! My crabapple done the same thing but after 6 months I was suprised now I am going for a year on the next bottle. bham and Steve are right patience patience patience.
  17. koda_ky

    New Member

    Welcome Chuck I also like to make the Fruit wines, this site is where its at for great info and great people.:fsh
  18. koda_ky

    Hi from FL!

    Welcome aboard Jay!!!:b
  19. koda_ky

    give wine as a gift??

    All the time I give many bottles away at Christmas with good reviews.
  20. koda_ky

    Newbie here!