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  1. vvolf34

    Whats the Legality.

    My Skeeter Pee has been a big success. I now have people asking me to make them some. They will buy the supplies and I will ferment it. They will help bottle it. I will not take $0.01 for doing any of this. I know in my state I am allowed to brew up to 200 gallons a year. I was just wondering if...
  2. vvolf34

    Pondering Lemon Juice

    I have been thinking about this for awhile now. I am on my second batch of Skeeter Pee. People who have made anything with lemons know it can be difficult on the yeast. So my thoughts are... Why add the lemon juice in the first place? Does lemon juice actually ferment? Why not just mix up...
  3. vvolf34

    Thoughts on my first label attempts

    I finally made my own labels and thought I would ask for your tips, hints tricks, comments, constructive criticism, etc! Apfelwein Hard Cider Hard Lemonade
  4. vvolf34

    Lessons Learned from the Newbie

    I thought we could make a little data base of some of the pitfalls we have experienced, to help out the new guy to avoid these simple mistakes. Buckets that come with holes and nozzle, make sure you have a good seal before adding your juice. Slowly stir in your bentonite, don’t just dump...
  5. vvolf34

    Wade's Chocolate Strawberry Port, attempt

    I finally decided to give the Chocolate Strawberry port a try. Will keep an updated record here as things progress. I just got all the ingredients and will begin tonight.:i
  6. vvolf34

    Trying MLF first time

    I decided to try MLF on the Apfelwein recipe. I started the Apfelwein in my plastic fermenter. Should I transfer over to a carboy like usual, let it finish then add the MLF or wait for it to finish in the plastic, rack then do MLF. Or leave it in plastic for both then rack? It is a 3 gallon...
  7. vvolf34

    What does this mean, Help please?

    Ok on 1/1/2010 I started an RJS Piesporter. I am sure you all remember my fruit fly post. :D On how one slipped under my lid. Well when I racked the second time to stabilize and add the F-pack per directions, as I was standing there I smelled something awful. It smelt like vinegar. So my...
  8. vvolf34

    I am now Happy

    Well after 2 months, I have bottled my first kit. It was a MM Summer Breeze Black Cherry Shiraz. I was worried about this and worried about that, but in the end, everything has worked out. I now have 30 bottles of some decent tasting wine!! Can't wait to try my Piesporter!!! Only about 20...
  9. vvolf34

    Grrrr Fruit Flies

    Well I looked into my primary last night and discovered a fruit fly stuck to the side about an inch below the lid, but not touching the must. How it got in with the lid on I do not know. Now the wait game begins to see if this pest has ruined my wine.
  10. vvolf34

    Another Newbie mistake

    Ok, I made Brandon O's Graff, it is a hard Apple Cider with DME and a touch of hops. I racked it yesturday and not thinking clearly I added a 1/4 Tsp of K-Meta. Not a problem right? Wrong, I forgot this is going in beer bottles and it needs to bottle carb before serving. It has been 24 hours...
  11. vvolf34

    Been kicking the idea around

    So I have oh I don't know, about 30 gallons of wine at various stages right now. After making Brandon O's Graff, which is more of a hard apple cider, I thought I might like to try my hand at beer. So some of you might not like this beer, but right now it is my favorite. Is there any...
  12. vvolf34

    Orange Carboy Caps

    I have a little problem. My LHBS was out of bungs, so I bought the orange carboy caps. Well some of them are a little distorted and will not make a good seal unless I push down on it, but as soon as I let go no seal. Others are in good form and seal up nicely. How do I fix the distorted ones?
  13. vvolf34

    Thinking of making 3 gal JOAM

    I was thinking about giving this a try. At Costco they sell Clover honey in 6 # half gallon jugs for $10.98. Would this work good? Or should I get some local honey, I bought 1.5 lbs for home use awhile back for $3.98. Not sure how much the 5# one was. I plan on doing either orange or...
  14. vvolf34

    CranApfelwein Wyeast 3068

    So I made a batch of this tonight: 4 Gal Tree Top Apple Juice 1 Gal Ocean Spray Cranberry 2 # Dextrose (corn sugar) Wyeast 3068 SG 1.072 Will let ya know how it comes out!
  15. vvolf34


    Anyone ever make a Piesporter kit, if so was it good or recommend one. I remember some years back drinking Piesporter and liking it. I have seen a couple different kits for it. Even better would be a recipe instead of a kit. I don't mind kits, but would rather make something from scratch if...
  16. vvolf34

    Apfelwein and MLF

    Just wondering if anyone has made Apfelwein and if you tried MLF. If not would this be a good canidate for MLF. Apfelwein 5 Gal tree Top Apple Juice (has citric acid) 2 # dextrose 1 packet of Montracht yeast Thats all there is to the recipe. Pitch it and let it sit in a carboy, no...
  17. vvolf34

    I have to ask, what is an F pac?

    I am new to wine making and have seen people mention f pac. What is it exactly? Thank you!