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  1. Hillbilly Bill

    Karankawa Pale Ale

    I did a search and Karankawa did not show up on the forum. I have the Karankawa Pale Ale kit coming from AHS and was wondering if any of you guys/gals have tried it. It is supposed to be an American style pale ale... just wondering. I am really looking forward to my first beer kit. Bill
  2. Hillbilly Bill

    Apple Pie Wine

    After hearing/reading numerous people requesting a recipe for Apple Pie Wine, I searched for and found one. Many of the recipes for Apple Pie Wine use grain alcohol and are not wines. This is a wine recipe. It will need to be modified somewhat (I'm pretty sure it wasn't written by an...
  3. Hillbilly Bill

    What year do you put on your wine labels?

    I have seen this subject touched upon, but the threads always seem to diverge into discussions about label design, software, etc... hence the new thread dedicated only to the year on the wine bottle label Tonight I bottled the remainder of my first batch of wine. I made my own labels and put...
  4. Hillbilly Bill

    Making your own CO2 to add to carboy...

    When I taught 7th grade science my students always got a kick out of making CO2 out of baking soda and vinegar and pouring it into a jar with a lit birthday candle in it... of course the flame was immediately extinguished, because CO2 is so much heavier than out atmoshpere and could be poured...
  5. Hillbilly Bill

    Wine Making... a Hobby?

    According to Wikipedia, winemaking is "A hobby is an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, often in one's spare time." Although I have been brewing for years, and have a working knowledge of fermentation of yeast to produce alcohol, I will admit that I am a...
  6. Hillbilly Bill

    Champagne Yeast to Make Beer?

    Tonight I saw that one of our local pharmacies has the Mr. Beer kit on sale for $35US and I was tempted to send the better half to pick one up. Before doing so, I read several threads on several sites that warned me to stay away from Mr. Beer. Ok... so I did some research, including OP's...
  7. Hillbilly Bill

    White 5 Gallon Buckets... Food Grade?

    Ok... I know we are supposed to use only "food grade" plastic containers... and I know that almost (if not all) used food grade buckets that you get from restuarants (man those dumpsters are hard to climb out of) are white. Question: Are the white buckets that the hardware stores sell food...
  8. Hillbilly Bill

    Hillbilly Bill from West Virginia

    Howdy city folks... HB here... new to the wine making game, not new to the wine drinking business... although the wine I have had experience was in a class by itself... MD 20/20, Boone's Farm Wild Mountain, Wild Irish Rose, etc. I don't think I will have too much trouble brewing up to those...