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  1. ffemt128

    Our first Wine show....

    If you're in the South HIlls, D & O Wine Cellars is at The Original Farmer's Market M-W-F. This market starts at 5:30 We are also at the Carnegie Farmer's Market on Sundays from noon til 3:00. Our storefront is located in Crafton
  2. ffemt128

    Our first Wine show....

    What part of Pittsburgh are you from?
  3. ffemt128

    Looking for manual crusher/destemmer and/or wine press in Pittsburgh area

    I have a manual crusher, not a destemmer. Bought it a few years back and only used it a handful of times. Stainless steel. Think I paid 200 for it. Next time I'm over the house I'll post a pic.
  4. ffemt128

    Corona Virus

    In Pennsylvainia we are permitted to stay open for to go sales only. We opened for 3 hours both Friday and Saturday just to try and get some income in. I know a lot of wineries and distilleries are offering delivery. Both my wife and I have full time jobs so that is not an option since we...
  5. ffemt128

    Washington Winery Cayuse's Insurer Sues Cork Producer for $3.5 Million

    I recently had to switch to Synthetic Corks. My tenco corker was compressing the length of the corks. I've used Lafitte corks for a long time. Never noticed an issue.
  6. ffemt128

    Co-op Tasting Room

    Allan, yes in PA we can have up to 5 satellite locations. Being able to sell another wineries product is another story. See below. You are not permitted to purchase from another winery more than 50% of what the purchasing winery produced the prior year. 47 P.S. § 5-505.2 (2) Sell alcoholic...
  7. ffemt128

    Our first Wine show....

    Its been a labor of love, that's for sure.
  8. ffemt128

    I Don't Get It

    Just bottled another 23 cases this weekend. Customers love it. I think I made close to 350 gallons this year.
  9. ffemt128

    Fixing my Ferrari

    I had the same issue with my first corker. Make sure to check the rod that the bottle support sits on as well. Mine is developing a divit in the rod where it locks in place allowing it to slip when the cork is inserted, hence the cork not seating all the way some times.
  10. ffemt128

    Semi-Auto Corker

    Anyone have any experience with this pneumatic corker. Looking for a bench top version as my floor space is limited.
  11. ffemt128

    Where do you buy bottles and corks?

    I'll second All American Container and Lafitte Cork and Capsule
  12. ffemt128

    Federal Government shutdown impacts on wine industry

    Same boat as many, sitting waiting for new label approval. The worse part is we use a standard label for all labels and all we change is the product name and the appellation if needed.
  13. ffemt128

    Renting equipment Pittsburgh

    You may want to check with South Hills Brewing (412-937-0773) or Consumers Fresh Winemakers (412-232-4507). CFW is a distributor for Juice and Grape in the Strip District
  14. ffemt128

    I just have to ask, Why is it called Skeeter Pee?

    If you look at Lon's website, he explains why he chose the name. Q: Why did you name it “Skeeter Pee”? A: Several things pointed me to the name Skeeter Pee: •I wanted to differentiate it from the commercial hard lemonades •It tastes best when the mosquitoes are their worst...
  15. ffemt128

    TTB Proposed regulation 160 and 160B

    I recently ran into s similar situation, I have an Italian juice which was imported. TTB told me to use either "Pnnsylvania Table Wine" or "American Table Wine" as the appellation as the juice was fermented and bottled in PA. I originally tried to submit it as both a domestic and using just...
  16. ffemt128

    Daniel Pambianchi - Making Consistently Flawless Wines Seminar Interest

    I have been in contact with Daniel about the possibility of bringing this seminar to the Pittsburgh Area. The seminar is tentatively being planned for March 2019 (not the weekend of the 23rd). We need sufficient participation to make this happen. Seminar would be held at D & O Wine Cellars...