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  1. fermenter

    Clusters just now forming

    About this time of year my Norton grapes start to form new clusters. Is there any advantage to letting them grow or do I need to prune them off.
  2. fermenter

    playing in the gooseberry patch

    Started today: Wine Expert Sangria Blush 6 gal. kit. Then I added about a gal. of last seasons gooseberries. I added a little sugar to raise the SG to 1.071. pH is about 3.6. Some of my "playing" has been fine, some has not been too good.
  3. fermenter

    Gooseberry Norton combo

    Any comments about mixing 5 pounds of Gooseberries with my typical harvest of 30 pounds of Norton grapes. Yes my vineyard is small.
  4. fermenter

    New Apres kit

    Just starting an Apres Cabernet Franc Icewind. 3 gal. kit. Anyone tried it?
  5. fermenter

    Dad's old homemade wine

    I couldn't wait any longer. I just had to try it. Cleaning out mother's house to relocate her to assisted living I found one bottle of wine my father made somewhere between 1978 and 1982. I have no idea what grapes he might have used. It is very sweet, (and my wife and I prefer dry), but...
  6. fermenter

    Misplaced some ingredients

    I started a WineXpert Merlot but when I racked into carboy I couldn't find the sulphite, kieselsol, or chitosan. Do I really need them? Maybe just the sulphite? Only my 3rd kit so still learning. Also I have 5 vines of Norton grapes. Which kit would be a good match for a mix?
  7. fermenter

    Bottled first batch

    The first batch of my homegrown Norton wine is in the bottles. Time and shortage of space and equipment doesn't allow me to bulk age very long. The only thing I added to this first try is some sugar to bring up the brix to proper level. Initial taste sampling isn't too bad. 5 Vines, 6 bottles.
  8. fermenter

    Wine clubs

    Looking for possible wine making clubs in the NE Ks area. I know I can get valuable assistance in this online forum but FaceTime is good too.