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  1. Nubz

    Been A While

    So long that Ihad forgot about this forum:HB I doubt anyone remembers me by now but i just thought Iwould say hi.
  2. Nubz

    Still alive

    Haven't posted here in over a year I think haha If anyone is around that remembers me I thought I would let them know I am still kickin and all is well :a1:spmr
  3. Nubz

    That Time Of Year Again

    Hello everyone its been forever since I have visited here just thought I would say hi Haven't decided what to do this year yet but its getting warm enough here finally The apple I made last year turned out great(it's all gone by now hehe)
  4. Nubz

    yummy yummy

    thought id update everyone on whats going on with my wine since i havent been around in a while first a freak accident happened with my rasberry blueberry apple concoction i made and i had to toss it was picking up the carboy(its just a big water jug)and sqeezed it too hard and the bleach water...
  5. Nubz

    Belated Welcome To The New People

    to anyone new in the past few weeks welcome to the forum you definately came to the right place this is easier than going to each post and saying the same thing lol so many new ones lately i havent kept up on it
  6. Nubz

    dive in head first

    lol so ive decided to make some use of all the berries ive picked didnt weigh them so i coudlnt tell you exactly how many but i ended up with almost a gallon of juice so i mashed em up real good with my hands(the potatoe masher wasnt doing the job i liked) heated them on the stove to a...
  7. Nubz

    Show Off Your Homemade Equiptment

    got the idea for this thread from a comment by Arcticsid in a post so show off your homemade wine making equipment doesn't matter what it was or how small of a piece it is I'm just curious what people have done or used ill start this is my primary........ it is a 5 gallon food grade...
  8. Nubz

    into the secondary lol i know its only a 3 gallon water jug but i think it came out nice having just as much fun making my own equipment as i am making wine only thing is now if i start another batch bfor the apple is done it would...
  9. Nubz

    water in my homemade airlock

    as some of you might have read my fermenter is a 5 gallon bucket with a hose coming out the top and the other end stuck in a mason jar full of water today i got thinking of mildew and mold and wondered how often i should change the water out knowing that water can get old and mildew could...
  10. Nubz

    my first big batch

    this is a recipe i came up with on my own from reading a lot of things here and all over the net 5 of these from walmart and around 10 grams of yeast (yes i used bakers...
  11. Nubz

    funny story but pertains to wine making

    so i finally put together my contraption i had been planning for a while went with an apple juice recipe i conjured together by reading different things here(very simple i probly should post it) yesterday afternoon i got it all together in my primary let it sit for a while(food grade 5 gallon...
  12. Nubz


    for my first ever batch of wine to finish in about a week or so been fermenting for 3 weeks now tasted it yesterday and its awful sweet i know now that i had put too much sugar in with the apple juice but getting better from the last time i tasted it(too soon to tell maybe i dont know)...
  13. Nubz

    Hello From NY

    hello to everyone and let me say ive learned quite a bit already just browsing around here as the title says i am from ny near lake ontario to be exact anyway im glad to find this forum and ty to whoever is responsible for it