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  1. summersolstice

    2010 Mazer Cup competition

    I had the privilege of helping organize and judge this year at the Mazer Cup International Mead competition in Boulder. The event began Thursday and went through Saturday night. In addition to judging 170 commercial and 250 home entries, there was a paired tasting on Friday night that featured...
  2. summersolstice

    Saffron Spice Metheglin

    This is a spiced mead using saffron. I began with a traditional mead: 15 pounds of alfalfa honey water to five gallons Hydrate D-47 per manufacturer's instructions. Step feed at 12 hours, 1/3 sugar break, and 2/3 sugar break. OG 1.106 FG .996 Here are the spices for a 3-gallon...
  3. summersolstice

    Paired Mead Tasting

    The 2010 Mazer Cup International event committee is pleased and excited to announce the first MCI Winners Circle Paired Mead Tasting Online ticket sales will begin on 02/14/2010 at This public tasting will be held on Friday, March 26, 2010...
  4. summersolstice

    Rabbit's foot meadery pro-am braggot contest

    The Mazer Cup International and Rabbit's Foot Meadery are proud to announce THE 2010 MCI - RABBIT'S FOOT MEADERY PRO-AM BRAGGOT CONTEST The Rabbit’s Foot Meadery Pro-AM Braggot contest is the first ever, Mazer Cup International special competition. It is intended to bring home and...
  5. summersolstice

    Cool temperature fermentation

    I've read quite a few posts where people are concerned about wintertime wine and mead making. Most of the dry yeasts I use actually do quite well at lower temperatures. Here's a photo of two meads, a traditional Blackberry Blossom Mead made with K!V 1116 (SG 1.120) on the left and a coffee mead...
  6. summersolstice

    Caramel Apple Mead

    This has proven to be a very popular mead on another forum I frequent. Caramel Apple Mead 4 Gallons apple juice 2 lbs DME 3 lbs 60L Crystal malt 7 lbs Orange blossom honey 2 lbs clover honey 2 lbs buckwheat honey Lalvin K1v1116 Original Gravity: 1.120 Final Gravity: 1.010...
  7. summersolstice

    Blackberry Port-style wine

    After Midnight blackberry Port-style wine This wine took best of show in 2009 at the Nebraska State Fair. It's going to be a little difficult to reproduce but certainly doable again. I began this with the intent of producing a Port-style wine but I sort of improvised as I went along. It’s...
  8. summersolstice

    Mazer Cup International

    The Mazer Cup International 2010 - Mead Only Competition - Call for Entries The Mazer Cup International 2010 - March 26 & 27, 2010, Boulder, Colorado The Mazer Cup International is a BJCP & AHA sanctioned mead-only competition open to all home meadmakers. After a tremendously successful...
  9. summersolstice

    Hi from Central Nebraska

    Hi everyone. I'm a member a couple other mead, wine , and brewing forums. I've been making mead and wine for several years and beer for only a couple of years. I have a little free time at work and I enjoy browsing the forums. It looks like you have a good community here!
  10. summersolstice

    Port-style wine update

    I posted this a little over a year ago and thought I post an update. Originally posted by Rule G Waldo, it must be the time of year to begin thinking about port. I have an RJS Orange Chocolate Port bulk aging and I just started my own experimental port on Friday. I designed a 3.5...
  11. summersolstice

    WineXpert WE Luna Bianca Best of Show

    A WE Luna Bianca I made a year ago and did the battonage method Tim Vandergrift described here took Best of Show this year at the Nebraska State Fair. I really have to thank the extra battonage step for boosting this wine over the top. If any of you decide to order a LB kit, I'd highly recommend...
  12. summersolstice

    Other Brehm's frozen juice

    Not a kit, but I didn't see anywhere else to post the topic. I ordered a Brehm's frozen juice pail last summer (prepaid) and it finally arrived this week. This being my first attempt at fresh juice, I decided to order a white variety. Brehm's whites are 5.25 gallons of pure juice while the reds...
  13. summersolstice

    RJ Spagnols OCP

    After three months bulk aging, I bottled 29 clear 375s of delicious ruby red orange chocolate port. I would have had an even 30 bottles but somebody drank 300 ml before I finished bottling The wine, even at this young age, is fantastic! I fortified it with a pint of Everclear so its somewhat...
  14. summersolstice

    WineMaker magazine label award

    Ramona, did I see one of your labels taking a bronze award in the current issue of WineMaker? Edited by: Rule G
  15. summersolstice

    WineXpert Mezza Luna Red

    I've made this one and I too liked it - better than the WV Cabernet Sauvignon.
  16. summersolstice

    WineXpert 10-liter kits

    Has anyone tried one of the 10-liter kits? I'm thinking about ordering a Ken Ridge kit. Are there any others available? I see WineExpert makes them but they're only available in Canada.
  17. summersolstice

    Speaking of Alexander’s...

    I too use Alexander's with fruit to make very tasty wines. I also use them, as well as canned fruit concentrates,in my meads. I've seen Alexander's belittled on other boards as outdated with the successes and ease of use of current kits. Theargument is that kits contain everything (ingredients...
  18. summersolstice

    Wine snobbery traced to the Romans

    Thiseditorial from the International Herald Tribune traces the history of wine snobbery throughout the ages: p
  19. summersolstice

    I’ve been bitten!

    I've read all the posts regarding storage problems and I've come to the realization that I'm making far more wine and mead than I can consume. After filling my small (?!?) 44-bottle wine rack, I had bottles sitting in cardboard boxes, laying on the floor, and perched on shelves. Soo, I...
  20. summersolstice

    Variations on Joe’s Ancient Orange

    I've had great success with Joe Mattioli's Ancient Orange Mead, having made 5-6 batches of various sizes. I've begun experimenting with variations on the recipe using Fleishman's yeast. Sorry about the size of the photo - I can't figure out how to shrink it. Left to right: Most radicaly...