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  1. jeepingchick

    seems so surreal....

    Most of my "family" is not blood. Aint it great to be able to pick who gets to be in your family? Congrats on the babies coming soon. Its wonderful to read such heartwarming news :)
  2. jeepingchick

    Sad times at Nabinger Family Winery

    Very sorry for your loss, I know the empty words of near strangers is little help at a time like this, but truly I do sympathize with you. I lost the man I called "Dad" not even 2 months ago now. Its the hardest thing I have even been through. I send healing karma to your soul and strengthening...
  3. jeepingchick

    Getting ready for the lay offs

    oh UGH Im so sorry :-( thats horrible!!!
  4. jeepingchick

    Veraison is early this year

    Why the early harvest?? Is it because it has been so dry and hot and the grapes think its later in the summer than it is??
  5. jeepingchick

    Top 20 Wine Related Tattoos.

    ahhhhh my johnny!!! and :P .... maybe my next piece should be a wine piece ;) hmmmmmmmmm
  6. jeepingchick


    sounds like a fun job!! :-) hope you find a nice glass soon
  7. jeepingchick

    Say Hello To My Little friend!!!!

    oh how sweet!!! I love birds.
  8. jeepingchick

    What R you doing today?

    It stormed and rained last night, sun is out full today... It seems surreal like I will wake up anytime now. Thanks for the kind words, I am a bit more healded today and will be able to cope it seems. It just pure BS that it all happened. Guess im getting ready for anger now huh ... BAH need...
  9. jeepingchick

    What R you doing today?

    I've had a horrible last 2 weeks. A dear friend, a personal hero of mine (and the Mans, and the kids for that matter...) has been very ill with NASH for the last few months. We were told in late March/ early May that he had 5 years left without a transplant. We ahd hope, but not tons, but we...
  10. jeepingchick

    What the heck is this?

    **Gagging** a little... ewwwwwwww
  11. jeepingchick

    What R you doing today?

    Trying to do homework... sooooo distracted! I wanna get up n bottle my portttttt!!! *whining helps right?* Oh well! If I can finish this one paper ill let myself up to bottle.... half done is good right??? :(
  12. jeepingchick

    Blackberry brag/mel

    Bottled last night to use tonight??? hmmmmm may not be as good tonight. Bottle Shock blows :( Sounds like you left some in carboy? You may wanna put some of that in a serving carafe or non corked bottle for tonight...
  13. jeepingchick

    Baltimore LHBS?

    Thanks he was looking at that one. Think I'll hit it up on the way back home :)
  14. jeepingchick

    Baltimore LHBS?

    NIce link thanks!! I dont have time to swing to Chincoteague but i LOVE it there. Will have to hit that store up when i swing south :-) thanks for the link
  15. jeepingchick

    Baltimore LHBS?

    Gonna be in Balt tomorrow. Anyone know of a LHBS that sells desert wine bottles between the bay bridge and north Balt??? I know I can google but I like WOM. If ya know one let me know. I need to bottle my port :)
  16. jeepingchick

    My mother's Day activity

    Was a good day. Got a pile of drawings and "Coupons" from the Daughter. Then she and her dad gave me a pair of Humongous blue topaz earrings. I love em! after all that we drove almost 2 hrs to hit up a Faerie Festival. Drove through a tiny town called Port Deposit on the way and stopped for...
  17. jeepingchick

    Buy one get one free :-)

    NICE!!!! Very good score!
  18. jeepingchick

    Storing carboys

    We use saran wrap and a rubber band. then sanitize before use.
  19. jeepingchick

    NW PA Wine Party

    yup it would :-)
  20. jeepingchick

    NW PA Wine Party

    depends on the spot LOL! Im in central delawre, but will travel up to a few hours if i need to.... but 8 is just toooooo farrrrrr :(:cw