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    What are you making and what have you made ???

    bagged/bottled my grapefruit passion island mist yesterday, blueberry island mist moving into a carboy today. Just ordered mango mai tai island mist and cherry sangria Niagara mist and excited to start those ASAP
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    Instapot Wine

    So $8-$12 for an instapot worth of wine or $60-$75 for a decent kit that I get 30 bottles of, doesn’t even seem like this method is more economical lol
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    "You Should Sell Your Wine!"

    For clarity I’m not suggesting it, we all do stupid shit in college and I knew plenty of people doing much stupider things. Just an amusing memory looking back.
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    "You Should Sell Your Wine!"

    I’m not saying selling wine for $5/bottle to friends in college (mist varieties, cost about $2 got bottles for free and people brought them back) paid for a lot of my partying, but I’m not saying it didn’t.
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    WineXpert New Island Mist in the lineup

    Picked up the peach Bellini and it’s almost done, smells great! Have to grab the mango as well I’m trying to do all the mist kits!