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  1. J

    Looking to make some cheese

    My LHBS is starting to carry some cheese making kits. He is getting Mad Millie Kits. I've been interested in making my own and thought this would be a good introduction. Should I stick with a kit? Any words of wisdom out there? Anything easier than others to get started with? We...
  2. J

    I love me some popcorn

    I got this magical thing for Christmas called a Whirly-Pop. I know it's been around for a while but this is my first. Actually, I have been thinking about getting another so I can roast some coffee beans. Back to popcorn. So I have been making a lot more popcorn lately and have been using...
  3. J

    Juice Buckets in Columbus, OH

    I see all these posts about people getting juice buckets and they are all pickup. Any local pickups in Columbus, OH area?
  4. J

    WineXpert WE Italian Pinot Grigio Selection or World Vineyards

    Looking for another kit and would like some opinions. Is the Selection kit really worth the extra $30? Although it only equates to a buck a bottle but at least wanted some folks who may have experience with these kits to share their thoughts.
  5. J

    WineXpert Just a little experiment with my first kit

    New to wine making but not to tinkering with things. My intent here is to take my Argentine Malbec w/Skins kit and break it up into (4) batches so I can test out the differences between yeast and tannins. I am a beginner and may do things that you would otherwise advise against but that's OK...
  6. J

    WTB Spring Season Honey

    Who can help me obtain a 10-15 lb batch of a spring honey? Something from the black locust blossom or even the sage blossom would be preference. This may be hard to get this late in the season but figured I would see who knows some beekeepers. A bottle of agave mead is your reward.
  7. J

    Slanting Wine Yeast

    I currently plate and slant the yeast that I use for beer brewing and stock about 4 slants of 5 strains of that stuff for easy stepped starters. Saves a boat load of money. I just ordered some liquid yeast from White Labs for my Malbec. Anything different with Wine Yeast that I Should keep...
  8. J

    Malbec and WLP750?

    In making beer, I'm a sucker for using White Labs yeast. I have always had fantastic results. With that said, I don't see a ton of options for something that would pair well with a Malbec, per say, but their WLP750 French Red Wine Yeast is a classic bordeaux yeast for red wine fermentations...
  9. J

    Straight from Central Ohio

    Just wanted to stop in here and say hello. I am a member of HomeBrewTalk and brew 10g batches of beer (all-grain) and decided to take the plunge to getting my hand at some wine. Ordered my first kit (WE Argentinian Malbec w/ Grapes) today and am looking forward to having a go. Just a first...