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    RJ Spagnols How long can you bulk age??

    Hey Everyone! It has been almost two years since I've last posted anything! (Shame on me!) Anyway, I took a two year haitus from wine making, but do have a batch of Borolo in a carboy from two years ago. Is it any good????? I know I need to bottle it!!! Thanks for the advice!!!
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    Mosti Mondiale How long can you leave in Primary?

    Honestly, I got lazy. I have two kits brewing and left both in the primary for 30 days. Smells funny, although it is in morning and I am drinking coffee. I just racked to secondary and added the oak. Did I just ruin both kits? SG is right around .995/.998. I did not add the yeast nutrient...
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    Mosti Mondiale Meglioli!!!! Can't Wait!!! Can't Wait!!

    All of my carboys are empty!!!! I ordered a few of the Meglioli kits from George and I can hardly stand the wait!! I have never had all of my carboys empty before!!!!! Anyone else in the same boat?? Oh Well, we are in the wine-making business, patience is necessary!!! Francie
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    Wine Quotes

    I need help! My husband and I are planning a wine and cheese party at our home. I wanted to post some fun wine-related quotes throughout the house and would love to hear from you guys!! Thank you for your help!! Francie
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    Ohio State vs. Michigan=MY BIRTHDAY

    Okay, So my husband is a Michigan fan, you obviously know where I stand. It is my birthday, and he surprises me with tickets, which were given to him (so he didn't have to pay!). Quite nice since he just lost his job (downsizing) from Chrysler and will be off Dec. 7th. (with three small...
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    WineXpert Adding Oak

    I am in the process of doing a Lodi Cab, and wanted to add more oak. I have never ventured off, or "Doctored" a kit before so I wanted some tips before attempting. I did already purchase the Medium French Oak chips (wanted the cubes, but my local person did not have them). I guess my question...
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    GO INDIANS!!!!!!

    Wow! I am so excited for my Indians!! (obviously from my avator you know that I am a Buckeye fan, so of course I have to cheer for the Indians), well I don't have to, but I do!!! It is a good week since my Buckeyes are also ranked numero uno!!! (I hate that since I don't want to jinx them...
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    Mosti Mondiale Amarone WineExpert vs. Mosti

    My friends and I decided to do a comparison. They purchased the WE Amarone, while my hubby and I bought the Mosti Ren. Amarone (with the raisins). She bottled hers in January, I finished mine in Feb. and bulk aged until July. We opened our first bottles last week to do the comparison. Here are...
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    WineXpert Lodi Cabernet or Stags Leap Merlot???

    Just curious to see if anyone can compare these two kits? I am really wanting to try both, but can only afford one at the moment. I am sure down the road I will make the other!! Thank you for your input. I do enjoy all reds so I do not have a preference. I do enjoy a big wine with food, but also...
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    WineXpert Waldo-?? about your Lodi Cab!

    Hi Waldo! How did your Lodi Cab ever turn out? I think that will be my next kit to try. Actually I am not a huge Cab drinker, but really want to try it, as it sounds sooo yummy!!! Thanks! Francie
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    WineXpert Limited Edition Release Dates?

    Does anyone (George?) know when they will announce the Limited Edition kits? I did most of the kits from last year (and even a few Spagnols) and am quite pleased with the outcomes. I heard rumors of the Spagnols kits, but was wondering when WineExpert planned to release their types of kits for...
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    WineXpert ?? on SG from primary to secondary

    I started WE Sau. Blanc kit on 4/23 with a starting SG at 1.090. I racked to secondary on 5/1 with SG at 1.040. It was bubbling like crazy, and today it bubbled over the airlock, wine is in the airlock and down the sides of the carboy. I do not take the temp of the wines, probably should, right...
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    Scrub Buds-best thing for removing labels!

    I found these items called Scrub Buds. They are from Amway/Quickstar. They are awesome!!! I soak the bottles for about 10 minutes, if the label does not peal off, I use the Scrub Bud and it comes right off!!!! I think it may be item #E-8340. Francie
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    WineXpert Where is the lingering finish?

    Okay, I know I am jumping the gun, but my first batch has been bottled for three months (Barbaresco--which I did several splits so I could taste at various stages), so I opened my first split last night and waaaahhhhh!!! The wine tasted mostly like grape juice without the wonderful lingering...
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    Which White Wine Kit?

    Hi Everyone! I think I need to start a white wine and have narrowed my choices to: French Souvignon Blanc---World Vineyard Kit Grigionnay (Pinot Grigio/Chardonnay)---Mosti kit New Zealand Marl. Souvignon Blance---Wine Expert I know the first two are fairly new, a lot...
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    Mosti Mondiale Top up Amarone kit with........?

    Looks like I may need about 2 bottles to top up with, possibly three!!! Of course I do not want to purchase a retail Amarone (cost), what would you suggest? I have in bottles: SuperTuscan, Barbaresco, Luna Rossa, Cal. Trinity Red. I also could go out and purchase something inexpensive like the...
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    Just how wonderful is George????

    I will tell you how wonderful George is, and especially the excellent customer service he offers not only his "regular" customers, but those of us who "dabble" in wine making......... I purchased a kit from my "local small town guy" in which Wine Experts must have forgotten to include all...
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    Wine Locator

    I have been looking for this commercial wine from Austrailia called Molly Dooker (broke off of Marquis Philips), not sure if anyone knows of any website where you can find wines. This Shriaz was one of the best I ever had at $18/bottle, but there is no more in our entire state, that I can...
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    WineXpert My Amarone

    Sorry I do not have pictures, I tried to load one, but I use photobucket, and could not post it (must be doing something wrong--will try later), anyway. Today is third day of fermentation and the bubbles reached the lid (which I laid gently on the top of primary), but looks like they are...
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    Where is the recipe for the "roll"?

    Someone made a great recipe which was some sort of roll with Proceutto (sp?) and maybe cheese, boy I just cannot remember, nor can I find the recipe anywhere!! It looked awesome and I wanted to try making it!!! Thank you for your help!! Francie