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  1. wood1954

    Just got diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux

    So I went for allergy testing and found out I don’t have allergies but do have gastroesophageal reflux. So no wine for me till I heal up, bummer, plus no chocolate, fatty foods and no more large meals. The doc said I should be ok by harvest time. Today was the fifth doctor visit for this issue...
  2. wood1954

    Phostrol fungicide for downy mildew nightmare

    So i followed the manufacters label and used 5 oz of product per gallon erring on the safe side as the label says the high level is 8 oz per gallon. The Texas A&M site says .64 oz per gallon is safe, as does Penn State, sure wish i had done more research before i sprayed. I will probably lose...
  3. wood1954

    Cost of growing your own grapes

    So not counting the original cost of the plants, trellis etc, I’m spending about $150 per year on pesticides and fungicides for my 65 vines. I think that’s pretty reasonable as this year I should see about 600 lbs of grapes and next year even more maybe 1000 lbs. around $2 a plant is ok for a...
  4. wood1954

    good site for disease identification and remedies Penn state university is a great resource.
  5. wood1954

    Growing Marquette organically ?

    Here’s my ideas, please feel free to critique and or correct me. I’m going to use bacillus Thuringia for grape berry moth larva control as well as any other caterpillars. Potassium bicarbonate for mildew, trichoderma fungus sprayed foliage, not applied to the soil for most mildews and fungal...
  6. wood1954

    Marquette grape disease or burn

    So yesterday my grapes were very healthy, this afternoon it got up to 95 and either black rot or chemical burns from my mancozeb, sulfur, phostrolf fungicide spray 3 days ago wreaked havoc, half my plants are damaged. Anyone with experience with Marquette grapes or any grapes see this and have...
  7. wood1954

    Vineyard maintenance Mower question

    So I was going to work out today, but decide to mow the grass in the vineyard Instead:h:ss. I have a self propelled lawn mower that decided to break its drive belt after 5 minutes, my vineyard is on a pretty good slope so it was quite a workout. Does anyone else use a self propelled mower that...
  8. wood1954

    making wine from Marquette grapes

    After doing lots of reading about Marquette wine making, grape growing and my limited experience with Marquette grapes I've realized that its never going to be a big red wine. Too much malic acid for one thing, even with MLF it's still pretty tart, maybe because there's so much malic turned into...
  9. wood1954

    2019 marquette flavor

    I ended up with 4 gallons of wine from my and this year. I recently racked off the fine lees for long term storage and tasted some of it, it seemed very tasteless I was hoping for much better as I picked only good sound grapes. technically I did everything right, I'm just sad that I put so much...
  10. wood1954

    AA vineyards juice

    Has anyone tried the juice buckets AA vineyards sells?
  11. wood1954

    old kit turned out good

    I picked up an old WE chardonnay kit, I mean it was brown when I poured it. I gave it a shot anyway used Polyclar and French oak chips and bentonite and it cleared up very well and right now is about 2 months post ferment and tastes very good, good fruit good acid good tannins. I think I'll...
  12. wood1954

    marquette nutrient defiency or fungus

    I planted my Marquette grapes 4 years ago in sandy soil. The soil test result indicated I needed potassium and phosphorous I put about a 1/4 cup around each plant in the spring of 10-10-10 fertilizer and things went well lots of growth and then the vines seemed to pause and two got very pale...
  13. wood1954

    fungicide spray schedule

    How do I keep to a spray schedule when it rains everyday? I last sprayed 15 days ago and now it looks like hot rainy weather for the next several days. My plants are just entering post bloom and are currently pretty disease free. do I just spray when its not raining and hope the spray dries?
  14. wood1954

    using sulfur on marquette grapes

    Has anyone had experience using sulfur on Marquette grapes for powdery mildew control? I have seen contradictory evidence that is harmless or it could be harmful.
  15. wood1954

    sparkalloid effect wine

    just thought i'd share how effective sparkalloid is. the carboy on the left was treated 2 weeks ago. the carboy on the right is untreated. both wines are the same , grapes were picked about the first week of September 2015. I plan on bottling in August so will post another picture then. the...
  16. wood1954

    moving soon , no cellar

    We're moving in January to a house with no basement and i have about 300 bottles of wine to store. This is in Waupaca, Wisconsin, very cold in winter and pretty mild in summer. The house has a room on the northwest corner that will be shaded in the summer, but unless i put in a window air...
  17. wood1954

    concord blush wine

    Here's a pic of my first concord blush wine. I treated it with calcium and backsweetened slightly. It turned out to be very easy to drink with a nice fruity flavor. I had about a half bottle left over after bottling so i got try it. Had no idea concord made such a nice wine.Definitely will get...
  18. wood1954

    alcohol content to prevent vinegar

    If my port wines are 18-20% alcohol will that prevent it from turning to vinegar? I tried to find an answer online but couldn't come up with anything. Is there a limit to how much alcohol vinegar bacteria can tolerate?
  19. wood1954

    calcium carbonate and bottling question before moving

    First the good news, i'll be moving soon. however i have about 8 carboys of wine that i treated with calcium carbonate during fermentation. I've since read that calcium precipitates out after about 6 months. Is there any way to speed that up? Most of the wine was started in September, the...
  20. wood1954

    fresh cranberry wine started

    Was Up North (Presque Isle, WI) last week and picked up 15#s of fresh cranberries for $15. Started the process sunday night by running them thru the Kitchen Aid with the slicer blade. Added 4 gallons of water and found out fresh cranberries float. Added 12#s sugar, 2 bananas, 4 tsp pectic...