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  1. VillaVino

    New Barrel Prep??

    Do you have some wax in the ready in case there are leaks. What barrel company did you use? I just conditioned and then filled my 2.5 gal new oak keg with my Marquette. I had exactly what ibg stated above. No water leaks but just a couple wine leaks quickly fixed by wax. Good luck.
  2. VillaVino

    Kambucha oak barrel

    Thanks for the replies. My main concern would be getting a good seal for the lid as stated above. Yesterday I visited a local distillery who sells his used 30 gal oak kegs. I may just go that route.
  3. VillaVino

    Kambucha oak barrel

    Has anyone used a kambucha oak barrel for wine aging. From what I see, they sit upright on end and have a lid you can open. I would think this would make it easier to clean. You can get a 5 gal barrel at Barrels online. I have 4 smaller barrels from them with good success. Thoughts?
  4. VillaVino

    Where to buy cheap wine bottle

    If you don’t mind doing a little work, check your local winery. Where I from, they can’t re-use the bottles they consume for their wine tasting. I get once used bottles for $5 a case from my local guy. You just have to soak the labels off. If you have a couple wineries around you, find the one...
  5. VillaVino

    Removing vines

    Thanks. I was leaning in this direction. Bought a log chain a couple months ago and will use my 3-pt to lift out and pull. With the air temp down to 4 F last night, I think this will be a spring project.
  6. VillaVino

    Removing vines

    Thx. I was leaning in this direction. It will have to be spring. I’m afraid winter has arrived in west central Wisconsin.
  7. VillaVino

    Removing vines

    The hybrid Brianna. They have their own roots. I have a total of ~350 and 50 of them are the 3 year olds. They are a needy grape variety and I spend much more time on these than the other types.
  8. VillaVino

    Removing vines

    Hello, I am thinking about removing a couple rows of vines and planting more of a variety that is more suitable, hardy and less disease prone. When is the better time, fall or spring and what method proved best for those who have done this? The vines are 3 years old. Do I just wrap a chain...
  9. VillaVino

    Add Your Backyard Vineyard

    Getting ready for September harvest.
  10. VillaVino

    2019 Grapes and Blends

    Your life will change with a bladder press. Pressing 30 gals of Marquette this afternoon. Thinking about an oak keg. I have a 5L keg I use for whiskey, brandy and now wines.
  11. VillaVino

    Latest southern WI vineyard

    Congrats. It will only get better. I wish my vines were as nice as yours. I’ll have pictures next week if the weather, birds and bugs cooperate.
  12. VillaVino

    Latest southern WI vineyard

    Good luck. We will harvest next weekend.
  13. VillaVino

    Latest southern WI vineyard

    I heard Lacrosse area got hail. We did not east of Lax. Just plenty of rain.
  14. VillaVino

    Latest southern WI vineyard

    Thank you very much. I just started using my Vinmetrica 200 this year for pH levels so this helps. This year was about as "ideal" as I've seen in my ten years of growing grapes right up to the rain that started over the past weekend and continues at this very moment. Thx
  15. VillaVino

    Latest southern WI vineyard

    Tested on Sunday. Marquette's were 20.0 with a pH of 2.81 The rest were around 15.0 This rain will not help. Looking to harvest on the 21st in central western WI. I'll be in the Monroe area this weekend. Are you close?
  16. VillaVino

    Advice needed - planting in zone 4a/4b Northern Wisconsin?

    I have ~ 240 Marquette in west central Wisconsin and we got down to -40F and all survived. Sabrevois, Prairie Star, Brianna, Louise Swenson and a couple Lacresent sprinkled in the mix just to keep me on my toes actually all survived the cold.
  17. VillaVino

    Latest southern WI vineyard

    Wi_Wino, Have you checked sugars since Tuesday? Just by the taste test, I’m still a couple weeks out from harvest at least. Up by Lacrosse.
  18. VillaVino

    AA mislabeled a vine, can it be ID'd?

    This happened to me as well. The same vine supplier sent ~50 Lacresent vines in 125 Brianna vines. When planting, you can’t tell the difference. So, 2 years later, I noticed there where vines that looked different and did not grow like the other sturdy Brianna. The clusters looked diseased and...
  19. VillaVino

    Single Vine Wilting

    I’ve seen 2,4-D damage and my vines aren’t showing that type of leaf deformity. Your picture doesn’t look like it either. 2,4-D damage makes the leaf not look like a grape leaf. Elongated with curled points is the only to describe it without a picture. Here’s an article link to spray damage...
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