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  1. Kraffty

    Corona Virus & Day to Day

    Hey Everyone: Maybe it's time for a spot dedicated to the day to day life under the new rules because of the virus for a while. It seems to be seeping into just about every thread so why not give it a place to "self-quarnitine" for a while. I'm guessing we'll be dealing with this for a while...
  2. Kraffty

    Arizona Wine (Cottonwood included) Video

    I just came across this from Arizona Highways TV and wanted to share. It's pretty much a self promo for arizona wine but the section between 14:30 and 22:00 minutes is about the Verde Valley, Cottonwood and our neighboring towns and is a good representation of the area. Everything seems a little...
  3. Kraffty

    Cottonwood Arizona Observations (so far)

    So now that we’ve lived here a little while I have to say that our assumption that the small town life would be just fine seems to be pretty accurate. Before moving we reasoned that for the most part we shopped, ate-out, found entertainment or visited friends all in about a 5 mile radius from...
  4. Kraffty

    Orange County Wine Competition

    Well 2017 was my last, and best I believe, run of wine in California. I teamed up with a friend on two wines, a 100% Cab and a Zin blend that we're entering separately in this years contest. It's a pretty big competition, last year it looked like well over 100 judges and over 900 entries. I'm...
  5. Kraffty

    Anyone Else Melting Out There?

    @1:30 - 117 on both of my gauges, about 24% Humidity. My little AC in the winery is holding it's own and keeping between 75 and 74. My future home site in the center of Arizona is just at 100 degrees right now. Can't wait to get out there.
  6. Kraffty

    Vacation / Property Scouting Trip

    These first 5 paragraphs of this long story are kind of like looking at too many pictures from someone else’s Vacation, pretty boring. But the last 5 are pretty exciting stuff (at least for me) so skip ahead to the second half if you like. Lori, my mom and I just got back from a 7 day vacation...
  7. Kraffty

    Emergency Wake up Call

    So the last few days I’ve spent pretty much every waking hour in various units of several different local hospitals. While I was not the patient(s), and all turned out just fine, it was about as stressful as it gets. After a nice dinner and movie at my Mom’s house with my brother and my wife...
  8. Kraffty

    Cellar Masters Label competition results in...

    Well I'm pretty tickled about this. I entered 3 labels and got 3 golds. Now if I could get as good at making the wine that goes INSIDE the bottle I'd really be a happy camper. Mike
  9. Kraffty

    wine writing article

    I just came across this this morning and really enjoyed a lot of her comments. At the end of the article is a link to additional stories from her. Mike
  10. Kraffty

    Birthday weekend

    My wife called my longtime friend earlier this year and told him he better make some type of plans to take me away this particular October weekend to celebrate my 60th birthday. So last Friday I headed out from the San Gabriel Valley and he headed out from Las Vegas with the plan of meeting up...
  11. Kraffty

    Third crush So. Cal.

    Our crush yesterday went really well, we ended up with 8 people joining in and at least one person may have been pulled into the fold. He's coming over next week to help with the press. Over the last 4 years I've done 2 lugs and buckets then 6 lugs then 12 lugs with 2 buckets and this year 23...
  12. Kraffty

    artsy kraftsy with wine barrel parts

    So I came up with this this weekend while playing around with some of the left over parts of a barrel I was gifted. It's hanging on the front of the winehouse and looks pretty nice (glasses from salvation army at $4.00 total). I've seen a couple versions of Stave wine racks that mount on the...
  13. Kraffty

    New (to me) California Grape Supplier

    I’ve been buying from West Coast Grapes for the past 3 years and while I’ve felt it was expensive I hadn’t been able to find an alternate source. I came across a company, F. Colavita and Sons, headquartered in Sacramento with a main warehouse near Fresno (about 220 miles from me) and got their...
  14. Kraffty

    faux rose/blush

    I’ve been seeing Rose and Blush wines mentioned everywhere, even here, and it got me thinking I could do something like that. I have about 9 gallons of second run wine from the pressings of approximately 400 Lbs. of my 2016 Pinot Noir and Cab grapes. It has a light color and subtle but fruity...
  15. Kraffty

    Living Will

    Saw this on FaceBook this morning, Little too Close.....
  16. Kraffty

    A comfortable old clock

    We remodeled and redecorated a couple of years back and I threw in a few mid-century modern touches in the living room and kitchen. I’ve always loved those colors and styles and I guess it goes back to my childhood and what I grew up seeing. I looked for an Atomic starburst clock like the one my...
  17. Kraffty

    trimming cabernet vines around clusters

    I feel kind of silly asking this but whenever I see pictures of cabernet grapes the grapes are always exposed and hanging beneath the leaf coverage. I have lots of bunches but they're all buried in the foliage. I'm not even sure how many are in there and I need to take some out i'm sure. Should...
  18. Kraffty

    Landscaping complete

    Brief explanation, my dad died about 4 years ago and last year my mom put their home in the mountains up for sale and started looking for a house near my wife and me. July 2016 she found and bought a house in my neighborhood, the exact same model as ours, and while it looked move in ready she...
  19. Kraffty

    Krafft's Crafts Table

    Mrs. Kraffty asked for a Crafts table a few months back. After looking around to buy something commercially she asked me if I could just make something for her. I gathered left over scraps from the Winehouse build then “Antiqued/Aged/Painted” them and quilted them together. This weekend I...
  20. Kraffty

    Window Sticker Family

    You've all seen the white vinyl cutouts of Mom, Dad, a bunch of kids and the family pet on the back window of SUVs or Vans all over the place. I don't have little kids or pets so I just put one together that fits the wife and I a little more appropriately. I've never seen one like this so I'm...