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    New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Atmosphere or Eclipse?

    I have started a 6 week SB from NZ. Wo7ld. Like to make v dry. Any suggestions, like biolees? Ric
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    Guatemalan wine

    On a 5 week stay in Guatemala and Belize and have no idea of wines here. Anybody with some experience. Only one promoted is a fruit wine called Nisipoko, which kumquat related. May be forced to choke back ok some Chilean Malbec. RIC hattin Escaped from Nova Scotia.
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    2 purposes for labels: record pertinent info, or marketing. i use avery easy peel 30 to a sheet for my regular wine. they are easy to peel for about 2 years, then glue hardens and i need hot water, inside bottle, to strip them off. normally no residual glue. 10 seconds a bottle. for...
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    WineXpert WineExpert to Discontinue SE w/skins??

    That was the problem. The wine was made by the uvint store. Final sg was 1.002. I think they didn' wait long enough on primary.
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    WineXpert WineExpert to Discontinue SE w/skins??

    Several of my friends who have made the Selection Amarone have returned it to the u hints where it was made. They have converted this resultant too sweet wine into grappė, with good results. The kits were 2016. Interesting that wk pulled the SE Amarone 2 months ago. Btw, our local u vint...
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    Port trade

    Have one in primary. Surprised that they included 2EC-1118 yeasts?
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    Exoskeleton Plastic Carboy...

    This has already been done and in operation in a local Ferment on Premises shop. It has a non commercial variant. A couple of advantages is that the concentration of CO2 can now be controlled in the final bottling process, it can be used merely to transfer and rack, no lifting of full carboys...
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    Carbon dioxide in wine CO2 is needed at some level in both red and white wines, even more so in champagne or sparkling wines. Too much are it and you get a fuzzy taste or a prickly feeling on your tongue and your wine taste buds can pick up the carbonic acid in the wine itself. Sommeliers are...
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    23 l plastic carboys for vacuum degassing/transfer

    Well, we now have two versions of the plastic carboy degassing system: one that will do 1 carboy at a time and the other which will do three. Got almost all of the bugs worked out of the vacuum vessels and can draw the max that the pump will suck, which is about -25 in Hg, or -12.5 psi. Does...
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    Cellar Craft Topping up CC Winery Series Kits

    Somewhat related is the drop out that I am currently getting from my CC Chateau du Pays kits. I am losing about 2 l in transferring from primary to secondary and the lees are very sloppy. This kit has a lot of pulp in it that is not hardening up. Has anybody added bentonite to help it harden...
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    23 l plastic carboys for vacuum degassing/transfer

    Happy new year folks, a little update on the degassing system. Got the big bugs worked out and now able to get about 10 psi pressure differential. The neat thing is that I can degas and transfer all 3 carboys at the same time in about 3 minutes. I think that is too fast to get all the...
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    23 l plastic carboys for vacuum degassing/transfer

    Progress report: got the system pretty well sealed, but only at low pressure. Interesting effect is that the ambient vacuum stays at about 5.2 in regardless f the number of filling inlets in use. This is the max pressure drop that my shop vac will produce. The ambient vacuum should drop!! The...
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    Vinmetrica SC-300 Wine Analyzer Pro Kit

    Concur. Dr sportsman gives great support and upgraded my software. Just got to keep the records. Ric WTFFF
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    23 l plastic carboys for vacuum degassing/transfer

    To clear up a bit of confusion, the top of the vacuum body is remove able to allow thematic carboys to be removed more easily when full. Using carboys straps to lift them out of the vacuum body : lift is about 13 inches. The injectors are the individual filling tubes, and they splash rack the...
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    23 l plastic carboys for vacuum degassing/transfer

    Plastic bottle vacuum degassing A little update about the latest craziness from my shop. My LHBS asked me to design and build a 3 carboy degasser using the plastic 23 l carboys. Went the big vacuum chamber route, with 3 inlet nozzles, a central vacuum draw and removeable top plate to allow...
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    23 l plastic carboys for vacuum degassing/transfer

    Have a large number of plastic carboys ( Better Bottle and others) that would like to use for vacuum degassing, transferring and racking. Plastic is not strong enough by itself - carboy walls basically collapse at anything over 2 in of H20 vacuum and that is not enough to degass anything. Has...
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    Improving the nose of wine in barrel?

    Mike, Will be in Albuquerque for 2 weeks in June. Can I arrange a visit to your winery? We share similar tastes in kits. Ric Hattin Seabright, NS
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    Wine Making E-Book

    Got it, read it and thanks for the info. Couple of clarification questions: What do you mean by CRU on the preferred wine kits? and when you say you use the hydrometer to determine final SG of the primary must, do you mean that you will always go for 1.095 regardless of the amount of water...
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    extra hydrometer

    Follow on question to glucose meter. I am interested in determing the residual sugar in my red wines. Apparently less residual sugar equals less headaches from some of my friends. Able to get a glucose meter through the local medical insurance route ( helps to be almost Type 2 diabetic), and...
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    plastic wine kit bags

    Over the last couple of years, I have accumulated about 200 ten liter, 15 L and 18 L plastic bags from different wine kits. They all seem to be the same, with similar caps although the Pak Lab ones are single layer. You can get the dispensing caps as well. I have used them to store wine in...
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