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    Blueberry stuck and smelly

    I use a hydrometer.
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    Blueberry stuck and smelly

    I was surprised about the claim that blueberries contain p. sorbate naturally as well. Here are some links that also make the claim: Potassium Sorbate - Ask The Scientists Wikipedia mentions it as well: Potassium sorbate - Wikipedia (1st paragraph "some berries") And another one: What is...
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    Blueberry stuck and smelly

    I started a blueberry wine on July 19 and have about 7-8 gallons (1 x 6 gallon carboy and 2 x 1 gallon glass jugs). (pH is about 3.2) I noticed that the sg has stuck at around 1.045 and doesn't show any signs of activity. I put it on a heating pad (pad on the counter and the carboy and jugs on...
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    Health issues with SO2 sanitizing?

    I've got a question on this. After reading that SO2 gas keeps things sanitized I built a PVC tube contraption that I use to store some items on the assumption that they will stay sanitized in there. The PVC tube is 4" in diameter and I have an empty peanut butter jar in the bottom that contains...