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    Degassing in a carboy....

    I've been shaking the carboy for some days now and when I used the Vacuvin method just now no bubbles came up, making me think degassing was complete. But I just shook the carboy with my finger over the hole in the bung and could hear the 'pssshhh!' noise of gas escaping when I released my...
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    Is it a really bad idea to store wine upright when it's sealed with a cork? (even with the plastic-coated corks?) I haven't got a wine rack so was planning on just standing the wine up in a dark cupboard until I read that you shouldnt!
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    A few questions about sanitising equipment.

    I'm using my hydrometer and thermometer every day and am wondering about the easiest way to sterilise them (the steriliser I'm using is Youngs Sterilising Powder, but the container doesn't say what the chemical actually is). It seems very time-consuming (not to mention expensive/wasteful)...
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    Is it ok if wine tastes bad during fermentation?

    I don't mean bad as in 'not very nice', I mean bad as in literally gone off or something. I'm on day 5 of fermenting a Beaverdale Shiraz kit - I tasted some today and it is vile. I can't describe how it tasted but it's just really, really horrible. I know that it won't taste anything like wine...