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    Flash Player 10.3 and Internet Explorer 9 Issue

    I had this issue this morning after installing Flash Player Update and wanted to share info and fix. I had to disable hardware acceleration in IE9 to make my video playback work properly. Please see link for info and fixes...
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    Here is a great BBQ sauce for those like a little heat and my biggest rib fan (my son Hunter) helped me develop this and it is worth sharing! </font>1 cup tomato ketchup<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /></font></font></span> </font>1 chipotle pepper...
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    Happy B-Day George

    Yes I still check in from time to time and hope you and the family are doing well.
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    Braised Lamb Shank

    Early birthday dinner tonight made by Executive Chef...Braised Lamb Shank over hard Polenta Cake topped with Gremolata!
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    RI was hit hard with this epic flooding...Here are some pics of our local area
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    Wine Cellar Racks and Cooler

    Since I no longer make wine I am looking to sell my wine racks with the cooling unit for the room. The dimensions of the racks are: One rack is setup for 1.5L bottles and is 84” high and 75 1/2” wide and holds a total of 240 bottles The other rack is for 750ml bottles and is 84” high...
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    Northeast Blizzard

    Looks like we are in for quite a mess tonight and into tomorrow with Blizzard Warnings posted for our area....8-15 inches of snow and winds up to 60 mph.
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    Where to Buy Grape Vines

    I have been contacted by a few folks asking where to purchase grape vines so in order to help and use all the resources available here please post your sources where to purchase vines. Thanks Scott;sectionID=2...
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    Bottle Defect Prompts Beer Recall

    BOSTON - The brewer of Samuel Adams beer is recalling selected bottles of beer that may contain tiny bits of glass. Boston Beer Co. said Monday that the recall comes after routine inspections at a company brewery in Cincinnati found defects in 12-ounce beer bottles made by a third-party...
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    Lordy Lordy an Angell is Forty!!

    Happy Birthday Steve!!
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    Happy Easter

    I do hope everyone has a good day! I am off early to cook breakfast for the folks who come to Sunrise Service @ 6:00 am.
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    Last year I went to a local restaurant with some folks from work and I tried some great sushi for the first time. It was excellent and when I told my wife about how good it was she begged me to take her there. I took her and she loved it so it wasn't long before she wanted to go again. After a...
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    Cellar Craft Cellar Craft Date Codes

    Date code info for CC kits I found for future reference: Cellar Craft has recently returned to stamping the date on the side of the 16 &amp; 18 liter kits. On the 7.5L kits the date code is on a sticker on the front of the kit. For example a kit that has the following number of D27512SA. The...
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    Brodie Swisher coming to RI!

    I am very excited since our local Baptist Convention is hooking us up this year with a guest speaker for our church's Wild Game Dinner. I am not a hunter but I am sure some of you hunters out there have heard of Brodie Swisher.
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    RJS BrewHouse Kits

    In this month's newsletter you saw that George is now stocking the RJ Spagnols BrewHouse beer kits. This product is different than the concentrated Winexpert Barons kits many of have made. The RJ Spagnols BrewHouse kitsdo make 6 gallons of beer and therefore you should use a 7.9 gal primary and...
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    Happy B-Day

    Happy B-Day Dean and hope you enjoy it.
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    Shredder Monster

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    Beer Quiz

    I scored an 86%;sub_action=take&amp;obj_id=72763&amp;filter=liked&amp;time_span=latest
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    BZ's "07 San Francisco Fleetweek Photo Gallery"

    This was sent to me today at work it has some awesome photography and video link at the end...enjoy the show!<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
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    Lookout Hollywood!!!!

    HOPE VALLEY -- Bright lights and big stars could be moving to Exit 2. Plans for a $100-million-plus movie production studio and hotel are expected to be announced during a ceremony at the State House this afternoon, local officials said this morning. The project could bring more than 500...