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  1. Grasshopper

    How hard can it be to make vinegar?

    I have been brewing ales from extract for a couple of years and last winter made my first attempt at a lager. I attempted a high gravity recipe and relied on the cool temperature in my garage to keep the ferment temperature low. This effort didn't turn out well; it took forever to completely...
  2. Grasshopper

    Implosion Risk Assesment

    Reading threads concerned with the risk of implosion of a carboy under vacuum, most recently the threads on vacuum degassing, I am left with the impression that some people may not be thinking about this risk correctly. Specifically, some comments suggest that implosion risk can be...
  3. Grasshopper

    My First Volcano

    I am currently fermenting a MM Alljuice ME Amarone 23 liter kit. The instructions call for racking out of the primary when the gravity reaches 1.04 - 1.05 (in my case I racked at 1.038) into a clean and sanitized carboy to which the 90 grams of oak chips have been added. Prior to racking, per...
  4. Grasshopper

    Cooking with Lees

    Wondering what to do with the fine lees left after racking? Try cooking with them. I used the lees from my 2nd racking of Red Mountain Cab in a Coq-au-vin and what was left of the lees I didn't drink from racking my MM Amarone for a braised lamb shank. The sediment gives the wine sauce a very...
  5. Grasshopper

    Falling Film Degassing

    From my previous life as an engineer I know that a falling thin film of liquid is very efficient for mass transfer (i.e. moving a material to/from the liquid phase to the gas phase it is falling through). It is efficient because the transferring material (CO2 in our case) doesn't have far to go...
  6. Grasshopper

    Mosti Mondiale MM Alljuice Masters Edition Amarone - WOW

    I started the MM Alljuice Masters Edition Amarone in early October, racked into a carboy for secondary fermentation at day 19 without adding the sorbate or clarifiers. SG at that time was 0.998 so it was mostly done. Yesterday (day 127) I racked into another carboy to get the wine off of the...
  7. Grasshopper

    Easy Clean v KMeta as Sanitizer

    I noticed in the recent thread Wine Making & Grape Growing Forum > Wine Making > Beginners Wine Making Forum > first time bottling tomorrow (June 29, 2012) that there might be different opinions on using Easy Clean vs. K-Meta as a no rinse sanitizer. As a newbie, I am not familiar with what...
  8. Grasshopper

    Wine Aerator

    I saw a wine aerator from Brandani very similar to the Vinturi one below at Marshall's the other day for $18. I was totally unfamiliar with these and thought that $18 was a bit pricey especially since I had no idea if they work. So I went home and researched these on the web and found that...
  9. Grasshopper

    Hello From Delaware

    Greetings all. By way of introduction, I am a retired Chemical Engineer and have recently gotten interested in trying to make wine. I have been making beer for about a year and a half and have been thinking about wine making for some time. I finally took the plunge about a month ago. I...