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    Endless Summer Winery

    We now ship withing Missouri! It's been awhile since I've been on, but we are growing. Last year we increased significantly and this year it is more marginal. It keeps us very busy! W We will be coming out with habanero wine (2015), which is hotter, yet somewhat lemon flavor on the front...
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    What is your age?

    Not even 30 yet :)
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    Missouri Winemaking Society - St. Louis

    Do they allow commercial winery entrants?
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    Ph too low
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    Jime Beam Aquired By Japanese Company

    I'm not only in wine country, but there are 2 small breweries within 20 miles AND two distilleries in that same range! :)
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    Ours cleared on it's own, but we did let it sit for almost a year.
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    HELP!- Watermelon Wine

    I made this as one of my first batches because I had a good batch of watermelons that year. It has to be chilled or it will spoil, in my experience. Don't even try to taste it. Smell it first! Just a warning, it was that bad!
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    KV-1116 VS KV-1116 Dragons Blood

    Yes I do. I've done this test before ::. Looking at moving to temp controlled primary when we can afford it (need a bigger primary soon!). We make fruit and "other than standard" wines, so we want the fruitiness, flavors and stronger aromas that a cooler fermentation provides. The trick to...
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    New winery in KS. Looking for better price structure understanding

    #1. We split our first years blueberry into 2 tanks and bottle separately. One almost dry 1.001 and the other about 1.012 (what i would call semi-sweet). It had higher tannic properties because it was fermented on the whole berry (not juice) and is very close to a red wine in taste. when dry...
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    Do you really filter bid reds?

    The issue with not knowing efficiency is that it could be 60% or up to 95% for a nominal filter. If 40% of particles over 1 micron get through, it's not that fine, but if only 10% (or less) then it's much closer to fine. If I were to guess, it would be in the 70-85% range. The pp filters we...
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    Do you really filter bid reds?

    1 micron is a good overall size (not fine, but fine enough to remove most all solids). I don't notice a taste difference at 1 micron. It is under 1 that I can tell the difference. Do you know what efficiency it has?
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    Do you really filter bid reds?

    So if you are going to talk about filtering, make sure you are stating the filters efficiency and micron size. Case and point, a plate filter that many wineries use, have multiple plates that are rated much lower than a cartridge (65%). Depending on the amount of plates used, will change the...
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    Do you really filter bid reds?

    I have used a variety of filter sizes of cartridge filters (>95% efficiency) and one absolute (.45). I will tell you, the efficiency makes a big difference. At .45 nominal, I can taste the difference. It will take out light hazes and polish the wine nicely, but the color will be lighter and...
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    KV-1116 VS KV-1116 Dragons Blood

    I am thinking you are testing the ragged edge of the yeast. 55F should give you some fermentation though. We dropped the temps in our production building when fermenting to get better results. When we move up in the world, we will move to temp controlled tanks. I have messed with lots of...
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    Good for Midwest - mystery solved!

    It might be possible that the person whom replied to you Kraffty didn't know there was a problem. No matter how good your system is, there is someone who can crack it. Just the reality of things today. You should see the PCI-DSS questionnaire. I'm glad we only have 1 input into our system...
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    KV-1116 VS KV-1116 Dragons Blood

    I would put the temp around 55 degrees in order to ensure you don't get h2s.
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    Jalapeno Wine

    Our Jalapeno Wine has raisins. We use more than 10 jalapenos in it. :: The sight on peoples faces when they taste it is priceless every time! Had a younger lady say she just had to have a bottle. She said her husband drinks wine like beer and never tastes it really. She was going to pour...
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    Conflicted About Filtering

    I have used a couple of methods. Here is my opinion on them. The gravity filter works ok, but doesn't really go very fine. It will get out enough that there will be very light amounts of sediment if there was any cloudiness in the wine. It lightly polishes. Advantage is that it doesn't...
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    PH Meter

    I've been using a Milwaukee for years. Great product. Calibrate it about once every 2-3 months are more if you want crazy accuracy.
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    Cab franc not clearing

    Wines can take 6-9 months to clear. Don't push them. I have used clearing agents when we made homemade wine, but I avoided them as much as possible. No rush, just keep on an airlock (with fluid) and used k-meta every so often. If that doesn't work, depending on the wine, try a clearing...