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  1. RedRockGirl

    44 gallon Brute - Amazon Deal of the Day $37.40

    Amazon has the 44 gallon Brute on sale today in case someone is looking for one.
  2. RedRockGirl

    New Home - Wine Cellar design help

    I'm building a new home. I need suggestions on where to put the wine cooler and what type. I need to keep it pretty economical. On the plans, the "garage storage" is going to be what we call "The Lab", the brew room. The small 7x7 room on the back corner will be the wine cellar. The...
  3. RedRockGirl

    WineXpert Instruction HELP! WE Selection International Amarone w/ Skins

    Mystery Solved. LP was able to scan and email me the instructions. This is my first time making this kit. I opened the box to check the ingredients and noticed my instructions were for "Speciale" not selection. I called Global Vinters and they emailed me the Selection ingredients for this...
  4. RedRockGirl

    Apfelwein bottling question

    I have 2 5-gallons of apfelwein sitting in primarys for 10 weeks. They look clear and I'm ready to bottle one of them. I want to bulk age one and then bottle in wine bottles. The other I want to carbonated and bottle in beer bottles today. Do I add kmeta to both? I will be using 1.5 cups...
  5. RedRockGirl

    How do I save my slurry?

    I'm racking my WE enigma this morning. I want to use the slurry to start a SP. I've never made a SP with slurry, so I didn't think through that I should have made the SP yesterday so I could dump in the slurry today. How can I save it until tomorrow? Thanks!
  6. RedRockGirl

    Juice Bucket sourcing in Utah

    I have a long list of questions. I live in Southern Utah and can't seem to find any wine making groups anywhere in the state to join a bulk buy or get advice. I would really like to get juice buckets, but would like to find a way to source them without shipping individual buckets for $$$$...
  7. RedRockGirl

    Log book suggestions?

    I'm brand new and trying to get and keep organized. I'm a bit of a spreadsheet junkie, so I've created (plagiarized) 3 things to help me. I'd like advice on what information I'm missing or should add/remove. My husband laughs at me and thinks I'm a little obsessive, but my nerdy OCD self...
  8. RedRockGirl

    DB color question. One of these things is doing its own thing.

    I racked my 2nd batch of DB last night (18 gallons). I racked my 1st DB batch (6 gallons) 2 days earlier. The first batch looked and smelled good, but after I racked and added the K-meta & Super-Kleer (according to directions) it turned very dark and has stayed that way for 2 days now with no...
  9. RedRockGirl

    Hello from Utah!

    My husband and I live in the beautiful (but alcohol challenged) state of Utah. We live in the warmer southern part of the State not far from Zions National Park. Our kids are growing up and starting to leave home and we can see we will have a little more time in our future. We decided this...