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  1. hitchiker

    fresh blueberries for sale

    $15.00 per gallon bag aproxx 5# in south Ga. 912-381-1938
  2. hitchiker


    Anyone interested in buying fresh blueberries in south Ga. we will be picking in approx 3 to 4 weeks e-mail
  3. hitchiker

    Blueberry Wine

    blueberry wine has 2 inch cap been stirring 2 times a day on day 5 has a sour smell yeast are working like crazy fermenting in open bucket covered with towel in dark room about 70 degrese
  4. hitchiker

    blueberry wine

    what color is blueberry wine supposed to be I have some blue and some light red the last with frozen berries
  5. hitchiker

    Blueberry Wine

    how long to age before drinkable blueberry fruit wine
  6. hitchiker

    satsuma orange wine receipe

    anybody have good receipe
  7. hitchiker

    Hello from SOUTH GA.

    blueberry wine
  8. hitchiker

    Blueberry Wine

    how long do you need to age blueberry wine before back sweetning, and botteling and being ready to sell...
  9. hitchiker

    Fast Ferment Fruit Wine

    How to use Blueberry fruit in fast ferment