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  1. Vinobeau

    country wine yeast

    IMHO, if you're interested in the differences in yeasts, pick a number of them and make the three or four batches each with the individual yeasts. Rack at the same times, sorbate at the same time, do them the same - after a year taste them and note the differences, and decide! Don't bother...
  2. Vinobeau

    The flower wine thread

    It tasted vegetative. I only used the petals - but the are long and the ends are white and that part could have been the culprit. I never ate one of the petals to taste the different parts! Now, I must admit that I managed to drink ALL of the bottles - it wasn't bad enough to toss them!
  3. Vinobeau

    The flower wine thread

    I made Day Lily wine in 2009 and I used 3 qts per gallon. I added some Welch's white grape concentrate. I did not care for it, as I recall, it tasted a bit "green". I backed sweetened to 1.02.
  4. Vinobeau

    The flower wine thread

    I've thought about the Dandelion, but the Rose Petal just has such a wonderful aroma and they are a LOT easier to harvest, I've just stuck with them. No problem removing all the green, the petals just fall off.
  5. Vinobeau

    The flower wine thread

    The general amount of Hibiscus flowers is 2 oz DRIED. Fresh, you should probably a quart or more per gallon. And, as Jack Keller says: "Some species are more edible than others".
  6. Vinobeau

    The flower wine thread

    I have made a fair number of flower wine thru the years. It all started with a book that I came across in the 70's - "Flower, Leaf and Sap Wines". Made a Birch Sap Sauterne which was good, but........ back to flowers: Wild Rose Petal - quite nice, wonderful aroma Wild Rose Petal with Dill -...
  7. Vinobeau

    My first try is a balloon wine.

    But, they probably make the fermentation last longer because of that! If you can prolong the fermentation, the final product should be more satisfying!
  8. Vinobeau

    My first try is a balloon wine.

    Balloons may not be strong enough - try the Cuban way - condoms.
  9. Vinobeau

    Book suggestions for making fruit wines

    When I started in 1973, I used "First Steps In Winemaking" by CJJ Berry. Amazon still has it for sale.
  10. Vinobeau

    Gas Price Watch

    .95 in Oshkosh on Wed, Friday we were at 1.45! Oil didn't go up that much!
  11. Vinobeau

    Old school Dandelion Wine

    Here are Jack's 30 favorite Dandelion recipes! winemaking: Dandelion Wines Let us know what your favorite is - I'm at a loss for picking a favorite to try!!
  12. Vinobeau

    Screw Capsules

    Another option is to reuse the original screw tops. Soak them in meta bi sulphite and screw them down tight. I've been using them for 15 years and never a problem!
  13. Vinobeau

    Flower wine?

    Does Fireweed have a pleasant aroma? I'm not sure where a card board aroma / taste come from. The flavor will definitely improve when you back sweeten it. I never saw what volume of wine you were making with the 4 gallons of petals. Four 5 gallons of Rose Petal wine, I use about 6 quarts of...
  14. Vinobeau

    Hibiscus wine

    I've always used 2 oz of dried flowers per gallon.
  15. Vinobeau

    How long does homemade wine last?

    I've got some Beaujolais from 1976 and it is as bad now as it was in 1979 when I bottled it! It was the first wine in my new barrel and I left it in the barrel a bit too long. The next oldest home made wines that I have are about 10-12 years old. I, personally, have never had a bottled wine...
  16. Vinobeau

    Hibiscus wine

    The same dill. The first time that I used it was when I added the dill to the Hibiscus primary for my DillyBiscus wine. Since then, I just add a sprig or two to the filled bottles. It adds a nice aroma & flavor - a nice bitterness to the sweeter wine. I back sweeten all of my flower wines...
  17. Vinobeau

    Hibiscus wine

    I've made this a number of times, and tweaked it a bit a couple of times. I used honey and a couple of bananas, once and made half Hibiscus and half Heather, neither was as good as pure Hibiscus. My best addition was adding some Dill sprigs to the bottles of finished wine. I also do that to...
  18. Vinobeau

    Pineapple Wine

    I made a batch of Pineapple wine in 2010. Added an additional 8 oz of sugar at the start, and 2/3 cup of sugar prior to bottling. Original sg=1.098, final sg=.995. Resulted in 10 bottles. Not too bad, but not great; and I just opened the last bottle in late December and I was pleased with...
  19. Vinobeau

    Making wine racks

    I make these cheap racks. They're cheap because I use scrap wood. The backs and the slats can be cheap paneling cutoffs or damaged panels from Menards or Home Depot. The 1 x 1's can be cut from 2 x 4's or pallets. It is easier if you make a jig to cut the cross in the front end of the 1 x...
  20. Vinobeau

    Fortifying blueberry to a port?

    What are you using to fortify? I usually use a brandy. A suggestion - you might consider laying up a few bottles with SG around 1.02 and try them in 5 - 10 years.