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    Bottling bucket vs (siphon) wand

    So I initially bottled using a wand from a carboy using a siphon system and just found it messy and awkward. After several "messes" I abandoned and now lately I've been bottling directly from the spigot of a bottling bucket into bottles (no wand). Now after viewing the bottling process video...
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    RJS En Primeur vs WE Private Res with skins

    Now this is probably nit-picking. I've done both with grape skins and there's a differnce in the instructions on how to ferment with skins.... WE says to keep the skins submerged - "grape skin bag must be punched down daily..." but the RJS instructions don't really address it other than to say...
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    Revisiting the sediment issue with kit wines

    Hello, this is my first post here but I've been following for some time. I've been making wine from kits for about 2 years now and have been mostly pleased with the results. I've more recently done some high-end kits like WE Private Res (Amarone, Bordeaux, Fiero, Nebbiolo). I have some RJS En...