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  1. JamesGrape

    Chest freezer fermentation

    I use a chest freezer with an inkbird controller that cycles power between the freezer and a interior heating element. I put a fermentation bucket in the freezer, and this has worked very well to control fermentation temp. I’m wondering if anyone here has used a chest freezer for larger...
  2. JamesGrape

    What is this sealant?

    Just opend a bottle of wine that had a very pretty sealant. The cork was inset about 1/4 inch. And it looked like some type of greenish resin was added to the top - and given a swirl of inner glittery gold to create a pattern in the resin. Sort of like what you might see in a pricey coffee...
  3. JamesGrape

    Equipment order

    next month I want to order equipment to make larger quantities of wine from grapes - larger than my current carboy quantities. I hope to get some feedback from peeps who have traveled this road before me. Background: I’m going to initially set up this stuff in a large heated garage in an area...
  4. JamesGrape

    Titan Barrels

    Something I ran across and thought I’d pass along. Stainless steel barrel with oak heads and internal oak staves. Not something I can comment on one way or another.
  5. JamesGrape

    Extended maceration

    ive been reading about EM. One thing I read is that some winemakers do em for long periods - as long as 100 days - with constant taste testing. But they remove seeds and torn skins - they only leave the “best” skins in contact with the wine. I’m wondering how that separation of seeds and torn...
  6. JamesGrape

    Mead to back sweeten wine?

    I’m wondering if anyone has used mead (with the appropriate flavor profile) to back sweeten a wine? An example of the same flavor profile of wine might be a berry DB that turns out a bit light in alcohol and berry flavor - then add a complimentary berry mead to boost the berry flavor...
  7. JamesGrape

    WE Shiraz - 28 days in

    Here are pics of my WE Shiraz after 28 days. SG started at 1.097 and fermented to O.992 as directions indicated. The wine shows no sign of clearing, and I think I failed to degas adequately. I power stirred for 2 minutes each time as directions called for - but I read elsewhere later that...
  8. JamesGrape

    Wine cellar humidity sensor location

    About 12 years ago I built a wine room with metal racks for our purchased wine. It has a chiller, but at the time I didn’t think we would need humidity control. We have been breaking more and more corks lately so I checked the humidity. It was 50% and that is 10% higher than the rest of the...
  9. JamesGrape

    How do you buy your grapes?

    This is probably a question that is specific to individual style. Do you first decide what wine you want to make, then shop for the proper variety - only then with consideration for finding the best specs like brix, ta, etc? Or are the specs less important because you can adjust them after...
  10. JamesGrape

    First Batch observations from AZ

    I just transferred my first 6-gallon batch from primary fermenter to carboy. It is a WE shiraz kit. As expected, it started at 1.097 sg. After 5 days in my DIY temperature-controlled fermentation chamber (72-75 degrees) the sg read 1.002 which was lower than I expected according to my...
  11. JamesGrape

    Hello from Arizona

    Hello to the group. I recently discovered this creative undertaking and have a kit in fermentation now. I hope to support my kid’s school with wine donations to their charitable events, and also family weddings etc. I researched the legal aspects of donating home-made wine to non-profits and...