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    Warm spots in must 18 hours after sulfites?

    I mixed in 7 dissolved campden tablets after making the must (peaches, water, tartaric acid, simple syrup) yesterday.
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    Warm spots in must 18 hours after sulfites?

    Sure, thanks for the help!!! I’m generally using Jack Keller’s recipe for peach wine, which suggests a lot of fruit (10lbs per gallon.) The must is quite thick throughout and I mixed it with a washed hand today to make sure some pectic enzyme and a final ph correction was well mixed in. In the...
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    Warm spots in must 18 hours after sulfites?

    Hi — I’m in the process of preparing peach must for primary fermentation. I added campden tablets (1 tablet per gallon) after adding sugar and correction PH yesterday and thought I mixed well. I added pectin enzyme this afternoon, 12 hours or so in advance of pitching yeast and found that there...
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    Best way to confirm that commercializing my wine would be a terrible mistake?

    Not enough. I think any kind of production arrangement would need to be made in concert with a local orchard. Thank you everybody for your kind comments. It seems like the next step is to start gathering feedback from other people in the community and just get on the scene, whether that be from...
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    Best way to confirm that commercializing my wine would be a terrible mistake?

    I have a few heirloom cider apple trees in my yard and instead of letting animals get to the fruit, I made wine this last year. I started giving it away this week and the response I've received is what I'm sure what everybody gets, "You should go into production!" I really like the product...
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    Making a lightly carbonated wine (frisante): traditional method vs forced carbonation?

    Hi Friends, I'm a novice winemaker whose white wine is a little boring, and I was considering trying to add a little carbonation. I had a couple questions about techniques: What is the best technique for producing a very gently carbonated wine. Can you tell the difference between using a...
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    Suggestions for off season wines?

    Hi Folks, I read a suggestion that it’s great to make wines on a rotational basis so that you usually have wines at different points in the process at the same time. This seemed like a great way to continue to hone this craft. It feels like there’s a problem here, living in the northeast, in...
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    Wild yeast apple wine making?

    Thanks Rice_Guy, this is totally helpful! Very much appreciated.
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    Wild yeast apple wine making?

    Hi Friends, Complete nube here so I hope you'll be gentle. I'm starting in on my first wine making project. I have an old varietal of cider apple tree leaning into my yard (Roxbury Russets) and I gathered about 25 lbs of fruit today. I am trying to figure out how to approach my first attempt...
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    Any one have a good vendor for Reisling vines?

    I'm looking to acquire a handful of Reisling bare root vines and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for vendors? I'm located in New England, and would prefer a local vendor if it's possible. So far, I've only found vendors out of California. The vendor I've previously used to source...
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    Cold weather patio trellis suggestions?

    Hi Folks, I'm brand new to vine growing and was hoping one of you might be kind enough to answer a question. I'm located in the Boston area (zone 6a/5b). I ordered three Marquette vines, the U. Minnesota hybrid, and thought I'd give growing grapes and see how they fared. I planted the...