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    Juicing Rhubarb

    Just curious, what yeast do you use?
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    Juicing Rhubarb

    I am after maintaining as much fruitiness of the rhubarb as possible and was leaning towards 71b. Needing high alcohol is not an issue for me either as I am interested in the maintaining as much flavor of the rhubarb. Which of the yeasts you tried yielded a dry, fruity wine. Was it a major...
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    Juicing Rhubarb

    I am making rhubarb wine for the first time and have narrowed it down to three recipes. My current dilemma is two of the recipes call for “wine yeast”. I’ve looked at the different charts and have become overwhelmed with all of the information and options. I am wondering if some of you would be...
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    First time wine that isn’t a kit

    I started a batch of cranberry wine made with fresh cranberries. I found a recipe that didn’t look complicated. It is: Fresh cranberries, sugar, dried cranberries, yeast nutrient, Lalvin D47 yeast. Starting SG 1.090. It fermented well in the primary. wrecked it to the secondary when the SG was...
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    New Wine Room Design

    Can you describe your handling full carboys routine? Thanks
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    Vino ventures here🍷🍷🍷

    I am new to winemaking and started with a kit for merlot, which I think is going well. I have 10 pounds of fresh cranberries that I would like to make into a wine. Does anyone have a tried-and-true cranberry recipe they are willing to share. Thanks