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    Finer Wine Kits

    My initial SG was 1.106 - a little near the high end of the expected range. Sorry should have added that information.
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    Finer Wine Kits

    I did receive this finally on Sunday 6/26. Juice bag felt warm but I wouldn't say it was bloated. I went ahead and started it right away and the juice temp in the primary measured 79.9. Juice smelled fine, so proceeded with all the initial steps. Today I pitched the yeast and the must temp was...
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    Finer Wine Kits

    FWK Super Tuscan shipped on 6/21 to Illinois. Anxious to try this one, but it's been "stuck" in the Fedex local hub which is an hour away since 6/23. Daytime temps have been near 90 every day. Now I get an update that it will be delayed until tomorrow (26th). Even had the audacity to include "We...
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    Finer Wine Kits

    I see some whites are back on Label Peelers website.
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    WineXpert Fwk verse winexpert

    Tha last 2 kits I purchased were FWK and still too young, but I'm very optimistic. Also hopeful that additional FWK varietals are forthcoming
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    Other What you most want to see in 2022 from Finer Wine Kits

    Blends and/or varietals EDIT: Since only 1 vote allowed, I cast it for varietals
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    Finer Wine Kits

    My Forte Syrah experience was similar. 1.000 at Day 14. No change at Day 15, so I proceeded to the next step. I expect it to be slighly sweet. Room temp around 70.
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    Finer Wine Kits

    Geeez.... I got lucky - I think. Got a FWK Tavola Petit Syrah single skin and started on 12/9. SG was 1.097. In starting the yeast, I neglected to add Packet B with the yeast but I didn't notice and added the yeast 24 hours later on 12/10.... yeah I really paid attention to the instructions ;)...
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    RJ Spagnols RJS En Primeur Winery Series - Italian Super Tuscan

    Did one and bottled back in July. Didn't vary from the instructions, and what I sampled was quite tasty. Measured 13.1% ALC. I'll probably open a bottle around Jan 1.
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    Finer Wine Kits

    I don't see a Barbera in either series. Hopefully not discontinued.
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    Finer Wine Kits

    The "Forte" series (incl. double pack and seeds) is now showing on the LP website for Oct fulfillment.
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    Bottling bucket vs (siphon) wand

    So I initially bottled using a wand from a carboy using a siphon system and just found it messy and awkward. After several "messes" I abandoned and now lately I've been bottling directly from the spigot of a bottling bucket into bottles (no wand). Now after viewing the bottling process video...
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    RJ Spagnols RJS Australian Pinot Noir Kit

    Me too! Love to hear some feedback... looking at ordering one myself. The 18L are still readily available.
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    RJS En Primeur vs WE Private Res with skins

    Now this is probably nit-picking. I've done both with grape skins and there's a differnce in the instructions on how to ferment with skins.... WE says to keep the skins submerged - "grape skin bag must be punched down daily..." but the RJS instructions don't really address it other than to say...
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    I just recently bottled a chardonnay (RJS). Checked my notes and my starting SG was 1.104!! I realize there are going to be differences, but that does seem really low. Also, the yeast provided in mine was QA23.
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    Forgot to stir the juice before adding the yeast

    I'm a little new to this too.... but I think the yeast will find your sugar regardless of where it is. The issue is - did you take an initial SG reading? If you took that reading without stirring, you're probably going to be a little off as far as far as your initial SG. Stirring will give you...
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    Revisiting the sediment issue with kit wines

    Exactly. I have utmost respect for those making from scratch. I have neither the desire nor patience. But I'll gladly drink it :) Back to my orginal post - strangly enough the WE Nebb kit had very little sediment and it's been in the bottle about 8 months; nothing different about how I did it...
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    Revisiting the sediment issue with kit wines

    Hello, this is my first post here but I've been following for some time. I've been making wine from kits for about 2 years now and have been mostly pleased with the results. I've more recently done some high-end kits like WE Private Res (Amarone, Bordeaux, Fiero, Nebbiolo). I have some RJS En...