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  1. mbleill

    Pipette Replacement?

    Hello, I saw a post recently that referenced a device that measured small liquid volumes accurately but can't find it again. What is a device that performed liquid volume capture and measurement for testing purposes? 5ml to 25 Ml. I do a lot of testing.
  2. mbleill

    Wine Making Clubs in South Eastern Indiana?

    Hello, Does anyone know of any wine making clubs in south eastern Indiana or western Cincinnati? I would like to join a local club or start a local club of wine makers from this area with the general focus of making wine from grapes and fruit. Best regards, Mike Brookville, IN
  3. mbleill

    New to forum from south easterdm Indiana

    New to forum from south eastern Indiana Hello. My name is Mike and I have been making wine for several years now. All of my wine has been made from fresh grapes, so far. I usually make about 200 gallons each year. I plan to branch out and make some fruit wine this summer. I have had some...