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    help with FWK kit

    I posted this in the wine kit section, under the Finer Wine Kit thread, but was hoping for a quick response since I think I need to react promptly. Hope it is OK to post here also. I purchased a Finer wine kit Forte Super Tuscan kit from Label Peelers and it was delivered Wednesday 9/21...
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    cork confusion

    A couple of years ago, as a beginner I just bought some corks, then I read that standard corks are not good for long term aging of wine. Then I bought some synthetic (nomacorc), now I have read that synthetics don't allow wine to age properly. I don't need 10+ year corks but I would like to...
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    Yeast derivative nutrients

    The Scott Labs handbook list 6-8 Yeast derivative nutrients, how do you determine which one to use? Obviously some are intended for reds, some for whites, some for both. Can you or or should you ever use more than one, more than two, all of them? Do you think they are advantageous to use?
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    Which yeast for elderberry

    I have been picking/freezing/dehydrating elderberries for the last couple of weeks and am contemplating an elderberry wine and/or mead. I have a plan except for which yeast. Lots of recipes just call for a red wine yeast, I would like a more specific recommendation. Anyone care to offer one...
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    proposed all fruit Blackberry mead

    After reading and re-reading an old post "critique/inputs for blackberry wine" by Vernsgal and dated 5/9/2013 I have put together this proposed all fruit blackberry mead. The original post was for a wine, does anyone see a problem changing the sugar source to honey? If so I will probably just...
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    fruit in secondary questions

    I fermented 3 gallons of a traditional, OG 1.092, FG 1.004, ABV 11.5% and used RC212. I mixed 8 lbs of strawberries and 2 lbs of bananas, and enough honey to make SG 1.088, this amounted to over 1 gallon volume, I also added K meta and pectinase (12+ hours apart). 36 hours later I then...
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    Final gravity question

    I am certainly new to fermenting but have completed a few (8-10) meads with modest results. I have a question about the final gravity, none of my meads have ever gone below 1.000 and they usually stop short of that. I currently am fermenting a traditional, started 3/23, OG was 1.092, I used...
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    Elderberry mead

    Hi there, new member but have been following this forum for a while. I am interested in making a wine or more likely a mead with elderberries. In researching I notice that one particular gentleman's name comes up often, but not in the last few years. does anyone know what happened to...