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  1. BigDaveK

    Onion wine - I'm going for it!

    I have that very same "vague detail" but I don't believe it's an issue. My intention was a dry cooking wine and addition to my sausage recipes. I was expecting something "undrinkable" but was surprised...though as a drinking wine it's far far down my list.
  2. BigDaveK

    New Wine Maker

    And another........Welcome to WMT!
  3. BigDaveK

    Onion wine - I'm going for it!

    Transferred to secondary this morning. Onions and potatoes and raisins, what a great combo. Finally started what was/is supposed to be a cooking wine. Did not use sweet onions, did not strain onions and potatoes to make the must, both of which are recommended by most recipes. Fermentation didn't...
  4. BigDaveK

    I started my pumpkin wine this weekend

    I have not done pumpkin. I don't know if anyone near me sells pie pumpkins. However... From the garden I have Delicata squash, Blue Hubbard squash, and Rogosa Violina Gioia butternut squash that's supposed to be good for desserts. I'm glad they're winter squash and there's no rush. The Hubbard...
  5. BigDaveK

    New member

    Welcome to WMT! Lot's of good people with a boatload of knowledge. So glad *I* found it!!
  6. BigDaveK

    1 gallon apple spice wine recipe????

    Apple pie spice is generally cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger and/or cloves, don't know the ratios. Spices and wine can be very tricky, like @Jovimaple suggested. You may have to experiment and hope for the best. One possibility, you could put the spices in a drawstring tea bag and into...
  7. BigDaveK

    DOB on label?

    Date bottled and batch code. Batch code references page in log book for that wine.
  8. BigDaveK

    Lavender Wine

    Ah, lavender wine is on my list, too! I believe the ratio of dried flowers to fresh is 1:8. Most recipes I've seen use 1 - 1 1/2 pints fresh. Also, flowers can be frozen. That's where my gallon of flowers is now. Going that route would give you time to think and plan.
  9. BigDaveK

    Vine wine - I'm going for it!

    I find this interesting... I found a recipe for vine wine in "A Treatise On The Art Of Making Wine From Native Fruits" published in 1820. It's described as "An excellent brisk wine..." Most of the recipes are for 10 or 18 gallons which I assume correspond to cask sizes.
  10. BigDaveK

    Second run blackberry/jalapeño help

    I have 2 pepper wines in secondary and 9 different peppers vac sealed and frozen to keep me occupied during the winter. I'm working my way up the Scoville scale and a couple might be deadly.
  11. BigDaveK

    Headspace eliminator

    Yes, we really are. It just goes to show that there are many creative and intelligent people here who understand that, incredibly, everything is connected somehow. And BTW, having double digit cats between indoor and outdoor is taking a superhuman effort not to talk even MORE about cats.
  12. BigDaveK

    Second run blackberry/jalapeño help

    I think the rule of thumb for second runs is half the size of the original batch. Handy tip: pointy jalapenos are hotter than rounded tip. Crazy but true. I just started experimenting with pepper wines. Good luck!
  13. BigDaveK

    Watermelon Wine Spoilage

    Just a suggestion, in the future taste your flavor ingredient. I changed my mind about making a couple wines because I wasn't happy with the initial flavor...and I was really disappointed, too. Flavor doesn't magically appear if it's not there to begin with. Live and learn.
  14. BigDaveK

    Can you add too much yeast to the must?

    Frugal, yes, you're absolutely right. Since a pack of yeast is good for a 5 gallon batch I should mathematically be able to do five 1 gallon batches. No? I think we'd be in "skinflint" or "Scrooge" territory at that point. 🤣
  15. BigDaveK

    Headspace eliminator

    Oh, I can't resist.....Don't you dare skin the cat!!!! Am I a cat guy? My avatar tells the story.
  16. BigDaveK

    Watermelon Wine Spoilage

    Just curious, how did the watermelon taste before you started? I planted 3 varieties of watermelon this year. Two are "average" tasting so I'm not doing wine. Keeping my fingers crossed on the third variety.
  17. BigDaveK

    Can you add too much yeast to the must?

    FWIW, my ferments are generally robust and go into secondary around 4-5 days with SG 1.020 or below. For my 1 gallon batches I use a half packet of yeast. (I'm cheap.)
  18. BigDaveK

    Post a photo, any photo

    This is why I shop early. If I'm lucky I beat the other SOB's who are just like me.
  19. BigDaveK

    Pear wine ideas - Please!

    The latest bounty will be 3 gallon batches for sure. Fortunately last week I got my mom's chest freezer out of storage so there won't be a time/storage issue. Though it will be a minor pain in the butt to check every pear every day until everything is processed. Yes, there is SO much to learn...
  20. BigDaveK

    Must has come up through air lock and is on top of plastic bucket lid

    Congratulations! I think everyone had an overflow early on. One of my first ferments overflowed and I was so tickled because it was obviously working. Regular household lighting generally isn't a problem. Like ChuckD said, direct sunlight is bad. It's actually a very good natural disinfectant...