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    Hawke’s Bay Merlot (LE17)?

    Anyone done this and if so, what was the outcome? In on sell here in Sweden and I can get it for roughly 85$. The kit is 18 months at this point.
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    WineXpert Help tweaking a Rosé kit

    I need some help with tweaking a kit, I have been given a WE Selection California White Zinfandel kit. Went to the store and bought my first bottle of white Zinfandel to see what's an off dry Rosé like this tastes like. Oh man, that was something far too sweet for me. It had little resemblance...
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    Cold Stabilization?

    Do you normally cold stabilize your wine kits before bottling? Today when grabbing a bottle of WE Eclipse Chardonnay (Sonoma Dry Creek Valley), I noticed that there were some tartaric acid crystals in it. The bottle had been stored at 12-15 Celsius (53-59 F) for a tad over 7 months. This is the...
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    WineXpert Bentonite, higher than usual wine loss

    I'm at the point of racking a LE17 Chardonnay Chenin Blanc after 14 days and I was surprised the see the amount of sediment in the primary fermenter. Roughly 3 liters (0,8 gallons)! That is far more than I ever seen! Anyone else seen something similar? Don't know if it's due to juice itself or...
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    Extended maceration, time needed

    A few weeks ago I started my first extended maceration on a kit (WE Amarone), I have seen other doing it for between 6 and 9 weeks. My question being, is there any difference between doing it for 6 or 9 weeks? Will there be a noticeable difference on the wine? I added the grape skins free...
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