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  1. LittleBearGameFarm

    What's for Dinner?

    I've lurked on this thread for quite awhile now watching the amazing food you guys cook. Kind of got out of the winemaking after my 130 vines froze out a couple winters ago. I don't think I have the ambition to start from the ground with them again, although they do still have some life in...
  2. LittleBearGameFarm

    Anyone Growing Marquette Grapes?

    130, four and five year old vines including Marquette, Petite Pearl, Sabrevois, Foch, Prairie Star, Petite Ami, and Frontenac Blanc, 45 minutes east of Minneapolis. Frontenac Blanc was the only one to leaf out this year. Seems to be a common theme in this area. I'm actually surprised the...
  3. LittleBearGameFarm

    Asian Beetles - Can I Save The Grapes?

    Could have been the weather. I was worried about that as they were getting close to maturity. Then, the sun went away and we've gotten 10 inches of rain in the last week+. Could have made them burst. Thanks for the help
  4. LittleBearGameFarm

    Asian Beetles - Can I Save The Grapes?

    Thanks for the info! Looked into the Neem Oil and will definitely have some on hand next year. This year the grapes are just about ready to pick so I plan on starting tomorrow night. Should I just plan on throwing any damaged clusters away or try to pick off good grapes from the clusters and...
  5. LittleBearGameFarm

    Asian Beetles - Can I Save The Grapes?

    Help please- I was planning on picking the weekend of the 15th but need to move it up to this weekend because of these pests! Brix was in the 20-25 range Monday. Are the clusters that have been damaged by the beetles junk? I was thinking of submerging the clusters in water to get the beetles to...
  6. LittleBearGameFarm

    K-Meta and Mead

    Getting into making my first meads and have one batch in secondary. I added K-Meta after primary, as I typically do with wine, but I see a lot of recipes for mead don't call for it. Is the K-Meta needed? Also, I plan on back-sweetening with some honey. Do you use the same amount of sorbate...
  7. LittleBearGameFarm

    Sizing a sprayer

    I have about the same as the OP with 133 vines. Last year I used a hand pumped Hudson Backpack sprayer and it worked well, just took quite a bit of time and by the end of the year needed a second fill up. I like the two sprayers above and as the vineyard grows, my spray volume will as well...
  8. LittleBearGameFarm

    Where do you get your honey?

    Don't know that I would get it from there but Midwest Supplies is about $6/LB to $8/LB for their different types of honey. That would compare to about $100 - $150 if you were getting a wine kit.
  9. LittleBearGameFarm

    Free Publicity

    Very cool Greg, sounds like its going pretty well out there in wine country :h This will have to be one of my stops if I ever get out there pheasant hunting again.
  10. LittleBearGameFarm

    Wine Cellar Ideas Wanted

    The smaller wine rack on top of the case on the right is making me really nervous :)
  11. LittleBearGameFarm

    High Acidity

    I was talking with a local winery and she had said in WI, its always high acid. They haven't made a Marquette wine in a few years because of the acid and have made their Marquette in a rose style. The majority of vineyard owners I have spoke to use VSP systems to keep the fruit at a...
  12. LittleBearGameFarm

    Wine competitions, at what cost?

    There may be a couple ways to look at it depending on your goals. If you ever have any interest of going professional, it may be nice to have the accolades from a marketing perspective. We kind of have a ten (maybe 15 year plan) to look at going commercial as we get towards retirement. I...
  13. LittleBearGameFarm

    Who has been pruning?

    I was able to get all of the rough pruning done last weekend. Had to take advantage of the weather and got to work in a short sleeve shirt. As much as I liked the beautiful weather we had, I think it's best that we got this snow. I think it was May 7th last year when we had the last frost. I...
  14. LittleBearGameFarm

    Tops or Cordons?

    Background, I've got a variety of north American hybrids including Marquette, petite pearl, frontenac blanc, etc. 30 of them are entering their 3rd season and 103 entering their second. I plan on trying a variety of trellis systems including GDC, TWC, and it appears at least the petite ami will...
  15. LittleBearGameFarm

    Growing grapes in Wisconsin???

    Wow, beautiful. I wouldn't leave the basement. Those bucks shot on/near that property?
  16. LittleBearGameFarm

    Growing grapes in Wisconsin???

    If it's not for sale, he must really not like his neighbor! It is beautiful country down there. And yes, plenty of snow. Sounds like this winter (if it's as wet as the year has been so far), could be record breaking amounts.
  17. LittleBearGameFarm

    Grape leaf disease?

    A lot of my grapes are starting to get that look to them as well up here by Minneapolis. 30 planted last year and 103 this year, northern grapes. I was kind of thinking (maybe hoping) this is what they look like as autumn starts creaping in. Curious to hear the answer.
  18. LittleBearGameFarm

    Wine fizz?

    Might want to keep an eye on those bottles as well. Had my first experience this summer with cork cannons. Couldn't figure out what that noise was while we were in bed one night until the morning when I saw the mess in the cellar. It didn't take much to uncork the remaining bottles. Pretty...
  19. LittleBearGameFarm

    Starter Culture for making Salami

    I don't think I would just for food safety reasons. The cultures that are used for dried meats are designed to get the pH down to bacteria limiting levels in a set amount of time. Wine yeast isn't designed for that and the conditions that the yeast has to survive and eat in are much different...