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  1. Jerry Barbian

    Minnesota grapevines near evergreen trees

    You will need to have your soil tested at a lab. It's important to determine any deficiencies and to establish a baseline.
  2. Jerry Barbian

    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    Does anyone know what type of tannin is used for this recipe, or do some people skip using it?
  3. Jerry Barbian

    Vin 13

    Does anyone know where I can get a small quantity of Scott Labs Vin 13 yeast?
  4. Jerry Barbian

    Itasca wine

    I have 400 Itasca vines on my property with the intention of selling them. This year, we have a partial harvest on 25 of the vines and we would like to try our hand at making wine for the first time. What would be an appropriate yeast to use?
  5. Jerry Barbian

    VSP vs TWC

    Yes, but the more I look into different varieties, the more conflicting information I get, especially on the newer ones. I understand that some varieties like Breanna should only be grown in a trailing manner, so I would do TWC if I decided on that one. Right now I'm just trying to sort through...
  6. Jerry Barbian

    VSP vs TWC

    The shoots on my younger vines grow at different rates, so there is more tucking on those, but the older vines grow more evenly so it's a lot easier on them. Next year I should be able to scoop those up as they grow. My fruiting wire is at 34", with three double catch wires spaced at 12". The...
  7. Jerry Barbian

    VSP vs TWC

    Thanks for the link to the Northern Grapes Project presentation. I'm familiar with much of the info there, but not that particular study. After reading through it a few times, I'm still inclined to stick with VSP, but I think the smart thing to do is to try TWC so I can compare for myself. I'm...
  8. Jerry Barbian

    VSP vs TWC

    I have 425 Itasca on VSP with double catch wires for shoot positioning. All I do is stuff them between the wires when they are long enough and the tendrils grab the wires as they grow up. I use T-bands to attach the vines to the fruiting wire, but I don't use anything else like a Tapener for the...
  9. Jerry Barbian

    Shoot Weirdness

    Could be Phomopsis. Have you done any fungal sprays?