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  1. JasonH

    Forgot the airlock during the 2nd fermentation

    Like the above post stated, if it was still fermenting vigorously the wine may not have been harmed at all. Even if it wasn't, I'm sure the batch will be fine (especially if it was properly sulfited and topped up). Winemaking is pretty forgiving.
  2. JasonH

    What to do with those apples this year

    I don't do this myself, but have a great local orchard that just presses the apples, pours them into gallon jugs, and sells it just like that. This probably ties into the earlier post about not using any water. It really makes a big difference in flavor from juice.
  3. JasonH

    Pineapple Wine

    A friend of mine recently made a batch. He used cotes de blanc with a good starter and it turned out great. Are you sure high acid is the reason it won't ferment? It should be a nonfactor if you adjusted it pre-fermentation.
  4. JasonH

    Watermelon juice is read to go

    You should do an acid test to determine how much acid blend you need. I have never made watermelon, but .6 - .75 should be a good starting TA. I have always preferred fruit wines on the higher end (.75).
  5. JasonH

    Screw this!

    Thanks for posting the article! Although, I'm not sure how I feel about "unscrewing" my wine.
  6. JasonH

    Dried figs instead of rasins????

    You can always use bananas in place of golden raisins. I'm sure the figs would add plenty of body, but I wouldn't want to muck up my wine with that color and flavor unless I was making a fig wine.
  7. JasonH

    Blueberry Wine - Rapid Start

    I look forward to the results. Hopefully, I'll get motivated to start my blueberry soon. I just freed up a carboy, but I was hoping to save a few for CA juices in the fall. Maybe I should just buy more carboys....:b
  8. JasonH

    Blueberry Wine - Rapid Start

    I didn't consider the acid testing with the color change. I've been adjusting with a pH meter for so long that I forgot all about titrating with phenolphthalein.
  9. JasonH

    Cranberry wine from pure cranberry juice, any tips?

    You will probably still need to add acid to get a good TA. The only fruit wine I've made that didn't require atleast a little acid addition was grapefruit. Personally, I would make separate batches of apple and cranberry and then blend the wines to taste after they were finished. In this...
  10. JasonH

    Blueberry Wine - Rapid Start

    Everything looks good. I have a bunch of blueberries sitting in the freezer that I'm excited about. Did you do an acid test? And if so, what was your TA?
  11. JasonH

    Cranberry wine from pure cranberry juice, any tips?

    I agree with above. The only time I add water to a batch is if I'm using fresh or frozen fruit.
  12. JasonH

    Moving the secondary container?

    I agree with the milk crates. Also, try to use a flat surface in your vehicle. I recently moved approximately 25 gallons of wine when I moved. It wasn't as far as your trip, but I still doubt you will have any problems. I left the airlocks on.
  13. JasonH

    Topping Off Question

    Do you plan on sweetening the wine before bottling? If not, you can skip adding sorbate.
  14. JasonH

    Topping Off Question

    I would top off until the wine is above the shoulders and into the neck of your carboy. If its not quite there, you can use a similar, store-bought wine to get it there. I would oak lightly at first. You can always add more if it is not strong enough. Don't be afraid to use your taste to...
  15. JasonH


    Ideally, you want to rack once the fermentation has subsided. I usually wait until the SG is 1.01 or lower. Some people like to ferment to dry (<1.00) in the primary, and that is ok too.
  16. JasonH

    Raisins? :-(

    I was making the assumption that he just wanted to add body and not the banana flavor.
  17. JasonH

    Raisins? :-(

    I frequently use bananas instead of raisins. A pound/gallon will add a lot of body without changing the flavor. Make sure you leave off the peels.
  18. JasonH

    Help identifying mulberries

    I ate a few tonight. I was impressed by the flavor but it was really light. I think I may freeze some this year and start a big batch next summer when I have enough berries. I'm very excited about this tree!
  19. JasonH

    Help identifying mulberries

    Thanks Julie! This tree is loaded. I might have to harvest and make some wine.
  20. JasonH

    Help identifying mulberries

    I caught my beagle snacking on some berries in the corner of my front yard earlier today. I thought they might be mulberries, but I want to make sure before I start freezing them for a batch. Here are the pics of the tree/bush.