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  1. Jerry Barbian

    Vin 13

    Does anyone know where I can get a small quantity of Scott Labs Vin 13 yeast?
  2. Jerry Barbian

    Itasca wine

    I have 400 Itasca vines on my property with the intention of selling them. This year, we have a partial harvest on 25 of the vines and we would like to try our hand at making wine for the first time. What would be an appropriate yeast to use?
  3. Jerry Barbian

    VSP vs TWC

    I have 425 Itasca on VSP with double catch wires for shoot positioning. All I do is stuff them between the wires when they are long enough and the tendrils grab the wires as they grow up. I use T-bands to attach the vines to the fruiting wire, but I don't use anything else like a Tapener for the...