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  1. Wisconsin

    Bottle quality rating is there such a thing?

    It seems that wine bottles come in an infinite varieties of shapes, sizes, and colors. The more $$ seem to have thicker necks and the less $ can have same basic shape but thinner glass where the cork gets set. I would assume the more $$ wine bottles are of more value. Is there such a thing...
  2. Wisconsin

    Growing grapes in Wisconsin???

    My neighbor has a house on a hill that overlooks (IMO) some of the prettiest country around. The house comes with 700+ mature grape vines (with deer fence) and lot more. It has some acreage and if I did not live across the road I would consider buying. If you are interested give me a note and I...
  3. Wisconsin

    Weedy questions

    I'm at year two of 60 vines planted. This year we had a late frost that stunted about 60% and killed two vines. I'm growing varieties that should be good for my region - Prairie Star, St Pepin, La Crescent. My brilliant idea for weed control using grass cuttings as mulch turned out to be...
  4. Wisconsin

    Racking and degassing

    Hello: I've read that its important to maintain your fermenting chamber close to full so that there is little room for air while it ferments. After fermentation slows way down and the wine clears to rack into a second fermenting carboy (leaving all the sediment behind). This means I will...
  5. Wisconsin

    A must question

    This weekend I helped my neighbor process his 700+ vines. At the end of the day he had three 4 gallon buckets of juice he could not fit on his truck that was going to a local winery for sale. I ended up with 8 gallons of frontenac gris. I've never made wine (successfully) from raw grapes so here...