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  1. acommonsoul

    SS Brew Bucket

    Is it possible to ferment a wine kit in an SS Brewbucket? The Brewbucket is 7 gallons....I'm concerned because the kit instructions say a 7.9 gallon minimum fermentor. If anyone has experience with this please let me know before I have to go out and buy another fermentor. Thanks
  2. acommonsoul

    First wine kit instructions

    Okay, so I am going to be doing the Eclipse Sonoma Pinot Noir kit soon and had a couple of questions regarding the instructions. First, the instructions emphasize not rehydrating the yeast. In my beer brewing experience I was always told to rehydrate dry yeast. So, should I rehydrate or...
  3. acommonsoul

    How many grapes do I need?

    Although I am starting with a wine kit, if I get into making wine from frozen grapes how much do I need? I see on a certain direct grape website, that they sell them in 5.25 gallons that enough for a 5 or 6 gallon batch?
  4. acommonsoul

    Hello from Los Angeles

    Hi everyone! Just joined the other day and wanted to say hello. I have been brewing beer for a couple of years and decided to venture into wine. Looking forward to learning a lot from all of you.
  5. acommonsoul

    Advice regarding Weighing down grape skins

    So, I am just about to begin my first attempt at wine making. I have been making homebrew beer for years and I figured it was time to try wine. So I will be doing a Winexpert Eclipse Cab and I have seen videos with people weighing down their grape skins with glass beads and such. If I do this...