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  1. xune

    Dandelion Wine Questions...........

    I want to know more about this harvester you designed. The dandelions are just starting to bloom here. ;)
  2. xune

    Dumb question about bulk aging

    Almost need to build yourself a whole other kitchen to make wine in. I use the floor, don't have enough counter space to keep them up off the ground.
  3. xune

    Orange wine log

    So, I made some wine from orange juice; I had a friend who had about 5 gallons of orange juice they didn't want, and so I snatched it up. Sorry guys I didn't think to take any pictures. I did some reading before I tried this, and it was actually fairly difficult to find much about orange wine...
  4. xune

    Contest Time!

    @TxBrew This is a pretty cool contest you have going on! I hope you enjoy my photo of a morel mushroom! :)
  5. xune

    Dandelion Wine Questions...........

    I made some last year, like Rodnboro said, I found it easiest to pick the top, grab at the bottom, squeeze, and twist. Way easier than using scissors on all those dandelions. Definitely want to do it right away. As soon as you pick them, I figure you have about 5 hours before it's super hard to...
  6. xune

    Where can I buy SIDE AIRLOCK - Angular Airlock

    Blow your own from glass, that's my opinion.
  7. xune

    Concord Grape Concentrate Suggestions

    My experience so far with Concord is make it stronger than you think you're going to want it. If there isn't enough alcohol in it it tends to taste musty. At least this is my own experience, but I've only been making wine about a year. Have made a few batches of Concord though already. I thought...
  8. xune

    Yeast strains

    Well I guess that all makes enough sense. Thanks for the information guys. I just wish I could find as good a deal on wine yeast as you can on distiller's yeast. The price of the yeast alone is almost enough for me to want to use the distiller's yeast and choke it down.
  9. xune

    Yeast strains

    Hey guys, I was wondering about yeast strains, and the different tastes that they produce. Recently I bought a 1lb bag of dry distiller's yeast and have made a few gallons of wine with it, as well as the sugar wash that I bought it for. I was interested in knowing how the wine would turn out...
  10. xune

    Apple Wine!

    Just thought I would say I've made 4 or 5 different types of wine this year, and so far my favorite is my most recent, apple wine. I am just starting wine making this year, but it has been a foray I will never forget. I made two gallons of Apple wine this year. One from store bought apple juice...
  11. xune


    I've made wine from juice a number of times now, this is how I do it when making it in the jug. I'd take a 1 gallon jug of juice, 1 cup of sugar more if you want more alcohol in it; I wouldn't use more than 2 cups, that would put it at roughly 12-13% depending on the juice, and 1 packet of...
  12. xune


    I thought the same thing, but being a beginner myself I didn't want to instill confidence if it was in fact mold.
  13. xune

    Maple Mead!

    Every batch I've made so far I just used a 4 foot long piece of food grade vinyl hose. I grab the hose in a closed fist, with the end of it about in the middle of my hand. Stick my mouth in the area between my thumb and index finger and suck. Doesn't touch the hose, works great. Haven't had a...
  14. xune


    Welcome to the forum, glad to have ya here! Best beginner tip out there, just do it! It's super easy, and you can make some awesome wines for really cheap!
  15. xune

    Maple Mead!

    Awesome! When this finishes out, you have to give it a sampling and let us know how it turns out! Sounds delicious.
  16. xune

    How to clean old sausage press?

    Provided it's just rust that is the issue, give electrolysis a shot. If it's not only rust in it that you're worried about, give it a 15-24 hour vinegar bath, wash it off good, then try electrolysis. Here is a short-ish video on how to make an electrolysis setup...
  17. xune

    Maple Mead!

    Curious if you used real maple syrup or the fake manufactured stuff? Sounds like it would be pretty good, might have to make a batch myself come this spring when I start up the annual maple syrup 'factory'..
  18. xune

    What's in your glass tonight?

    Having a glass of dandelion wine that I made back in May of this year. First wine I have ever made. Tastes pretty good!
  19. xune

    Hello everyone, im new.

    Welcome to the forum H.D. :) I'm fairly new myself, good to see I'm not the only newbie around here. Glad to have ya with us here!
  20. xune

    Noobie Question

    Haha, no worries there Rod, no insult taken. It is definitely floating yes. I do have a really narrow graduated cylinder, so I have to make sure it's floating every time I check it, it's a ritualistic thing at this point; if I don't, sometimes it will sit on the edge of the cylinder and get...