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    black friday/cyber monday

    what are you guesses for black friday or cyber monday deals?
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    brand new bottles

    when you buy brand new you still clean and sanitize them?
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    how are these juice prices?

    How are these juice prices? I've made a few kits but never just from it much harder? Thanks
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    Where to get bags for wine in a box?

    Where is a cheap place to get the dispenser bags that you stick in a box and cut a hole? The one place that i saw wanted $3 each for 5.5liter bags and $9 shipping for 3
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    lorann candy flavorings

    has anyone added lorann flavorings to wine batches? what have been your results?
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    corrado's - clifton, NJ

    Corrado's in clifton, nj has in their weekly ad this week, "grape juice for wine - merlot, zinfandel, chianti 5.5gal. : 3 for $100" does anyone have any experience with these juices?
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    adding grape skins and juice before bentonite?

    Can you add the grape skins, than the juice, than the bentonite? or even just the grape skins first, than the bentonite? I always have a hard time getting all the grape skins out of the package, and pouring them in a near full primary bucket, it always splashes a little
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    prefered sanitizer?

    whats your preferred sanitizer? For beer, i use starsan for everything but i read that it might not be good for wine due to the PH.
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    cheapest shipped 750ml bottles?

    I think the local wine store sells new green 750ml bottles for $11.99 per case of 12. If i do not want to go the route of re-using old bottles....does anyone else know a cheaper source including shipping costs or is that probably the best i'll find?
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    Other Coastal White (White Burgundy Style) (Vintner's Reserve)

    Any reviews on this one?
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    does anyone bottle in beer bottles?

    Does anyone bottle their wine in 22oz or liter beer bottles with caps? or even in champagne bottles than cap them
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    Oak powder/shavings versus wood cubes

    I just got my first wine kit (CC Rosso Fortissmo. The instructions say to add oak powder or shavings to primary before pitching but to add any wood cubes during the clearing stage. The kit came with -30g french medium toasted -30g oak french heavy -30g premium oak I didnt open the...
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    RJ Spagnols Where do you usually order?

    Where do you usually order your kits from? Who has the best shipped prices? thanks (any kits - not just RJ Spagnols)
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