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    Icelia's Laboratory

    Moving into our new house next week. And I have a good 8x10 room in the basement that I am going to turn into a Wine/Cheese Lab. Here is a photo of it as is. I am going to strip it, and seal it. Paint the walls white, and make a workbench that goes all around. I am going to put in bottle...

    Cold Stabilize Skeeter Pee?

    Has anyone done a cold Stabilize on SP? Seems that excess acid would drop out and make the flavor even better than it already is. Any thoughts?

    Wine From Koyusa Dogwood.

    Last fall I picked some Koyusa Dogwood berries and made a 5 gallon test batch. The berry is a large (50 cent peice size) soft fleshy fruit that is sweet and very good. I have made Jelly out of them and that was a real success, so since I was getting into wine I decided to try these out for...

    OOPS! SG: 1.120 Suggestions?

    Well I have been making wine for about a year now, so I am still a bit of a rookie, but I should have known better than this! Made my first batch of Skeeter pee last night, and since I wanted to flavor it, I used 4 cans of concentrate. Problem is: it completely slipped my mind that it would...
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